The best oriental patisseries in Paris

Published by My B. · Photos by My B. · Published on May 7, 2019 at 03:09 p.m. gives you the best address to enjoy some delicious oriental pastries! As it’s now Ramadan, discover the places likely to delight you when breaking the fast. Gazelle horn, Makrouds, ktaifs, chebbakia and many more expect you.

Oriental pastries, just thinking about them makes me drool. If you’re not a fine cook able to bake these famous oriental treats yourself because you lack time or simply because your goal is to look for and find the best oriental patisserie in Paris, come along and discover these addresses likely to meet your needs and to make you make it throughout the fasting day if you do Ramadan or celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Où trouver les meilleurs pâtisseries orientales de Paris ?Où trouver les meilleurs pâtisseries orientales de Paris ?Où trouver les meilleurs pâtisseries orientales de Paris ?Où trouver les meilleurs pâtisseries orientales de Paris ?

  • La Bague de Kenza (Paris 11th, 15th arrondissements, Savigny/Orge and Levallois)
    La Bague de Kenza is the Algerian patisserie you don’t want to miss in Paris. Set for about 15 years now, its know-how and its sweet treats are well known by foodies.
    Addresses and official website
  • Les Délices d’Orient (Paris 15th arrondissement)
    Aka the best Lebanese delicatessen in Paris! Here, many oriental products, not only from Lebanon, available in this store. As soon as you come in, the smell of spices and olives surrounds you and carries you away. Not very cheap but oh-so good.
    52 Avenue Emile Zola – 75015 Paris
  • Noura
    An unmissable address when it comes to Lebanese delicatessen. Discover heaven for Middle-Eastern produces especially coming from Lebanon. A cult address. We particularly love the one set on the rooftop of the Arab World Institute featuring some incredible views on Paris.
    Addresses on Noura website.
  • A la rose de Tunis
    You can get your pastries online. Here, the choice is wide, and you have a pretty good quality/price ratio. Moreover, their zlabias are to die for. All you need to treat yourself and your wallet.
    Online order on La Rose de Tunis.
  • Le Palais des Sultans (Paris 19th arrondissement)
    Here’s the very first Algerian patisserie in Paris. Are you looking for originality to get out of the beaten tracks? Known that in addition to the classic gazelle horns, makrouds and other zlabias, Le Palais des Sultans provides oriental cookies with very surprising flavors: banana, lychee, passion fruit, licorice, fig, coconut, caramel, green apple, chili… All you need to please people looking for new things to try.
    38 rue d’Aubervilliers – 75019 Paris
  • Paris Mosque restaurant (Paris 5th arrondissement)
    Just across the Jardin des Plantes, in a small and very exotic garden, come along and enjoy some mint tea served with divine pastries! Small birds will pay you a visit and peck your crumbs! We love this place!
    39 rue Saint Hilaire – 75005 Paris
  • Maison Aleph (Paris 4th arrondissement)
    Foodies, stop everything and run to Paris 4th arrondissement to discover Maison Aleph Paris providing many delicious pastries mixing traditional produces from the Levant and French contemporary pastry know-how.
    20 rue de la Verrerie – 75004 Paris
  • Ibrik (Paris 9th arrondissement)
    Ibrik is an oriental coffee shop with a Palestinian chef. You can get homemade and revisited pastries.
    43 rue Laffite – 75009 Paris
  • Laouz (Paris 1st arrondissement)
    A patisserie revisiting Algerian flavors in a sophisticated setting. Let’s get makrouds, mahmouls and other colorful specialties.
    136 rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 Paris
  • Diamande (Paris 11th arrondissement)
    Do you like almond? At Diamande, it’s the almond heaven! Here, this is the perfect Algerian patisserie. Get your load of very colorful makrouts, baklawas, mhanchas.
    4 rue Sedaine – 75011 Paris


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