Acqua e Farina, the Italian spot near Paris Canal Saint-Martin

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on July 5, 2019 at 01:10 p.m.
Acqua e Farina is a restaurant enchanting lunches and dinners in Paris, by the Canal Saint-Martin. On the menu, antipasti, hearty pizzas and cocktails to spend summer 2019 in the best conditions possible!

After their first table in Paris 11th arrondissement, Nour and Emilio have chosen Paris 10th arrondissement, by the Canal Saint-Martin to open their second table, Acqua e Farina.

Outside, a beautiful terrace all around the spot, inside, a modern decoration and an open-plan kitchen allowing to eye at the pizzas going into the oven and smell all the goods smells escaping from there.

Acqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e Farina

Since it’s summer and it’s hot, we can sip some tasty cocktails available on the menu. Classic or more original Spritz (vanilla, limoncello…) and homemade creations such as Mexican Mule (mezcal, Mexican velvet, bitter chipotle, green tea and citrus fruit syrup, ginger beer), Donatella (chamomile infused gin, lemon, white vermouth, apple juice, sugar),  Ragazza (rhum, raspberry, vanilla, lemon, bitter grapefruit, blond beer, €10) or even Esotica (verbena-infused pisco, mango, lemon, egg white, €10).

Acqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e Farina

Summer also means sharing and conviviality. We then fall for Acqua e Farina antipasti: creamy burratina (€13) and grilled squid (€14), with generous pieces of squid and a delicious wild garlic vinaigrette.

But if you are more into soy sauce marinated beef tataki (€15), grilled vegetables, cold cuts or seafood (shells, mussels, cockles, squids) with pastis sauce (€14), it’s up to you!

Acqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e Farina

Just to taste several dishes, we decide to go for a pizza, the Calzone (€19), served with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fior di latta, truffled ham, and dough made with organic flour, and we should say it! As a result, an exquisite calzone, hearty and full of flavors served with burratina. The second of the night but it’s never too much!

We also go for a pasta dish, just to see what they’re worth at Acqua e Farina. And it’s been a delicious surprise with the Canneloni ricotta, goat’s cheese, zucchini (€15) served in a cute casserole with a nice layer of grilled cheese on top. A tasty, creamy and very comforting dish.

Acqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e FarinaAcqua e Farina

Acqua e Farina also enjoys a nice dessert menu featuring classics of the Italian gastronomy such as red berry panna cotta (€7), tiramisu (€8), and more original desserts such as coconut milk marinated French Toast (€9) and the pistachio floating island (€8).

Unfortunately for us, the dishes and antipasti were so hearty we had no more room to try them. We’ll do it another time! If you want to go for an Italian meal today, you know where to go!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From July 4, 2019 to December 31, 2019



    45 Quai de Valmy
    75010 Paris 10

    Sides: €7
    Spritz: €8
    Cocktails: €8 - €11
    Menu enfant: €10
    Antipasti: €13 - €19
    Pizzas classiques: €14 - €15
    Pâtes: €14 - €22
    Salades: €15
    Pizzas spéciales: €16 - €19

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