Chez Lulu: the hot new restaurant, cocktail bar and club in central Paris

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Published by Laura B., Caroline J. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on May 4th, 2022 at 03:05 p.m.
A new gourmet, sexy and festive venue has just opened its doors in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. What's it called? Chez Lulu! Describing itself as a "resto disco" and an "erotico club", Chez Lulu is definitely the hot new spot for fun-lovers.

Originally scheduled for December 2021, but postponed due to the closure of nightclubs, Chez Lulu has finally opened in central Paris. Chez Lulu (as the charming owner calls it) is the hot new restaurant, cocktail bar and club that's going to be the talk of the town in the capital's 1st arrondissement . Located on the famous rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (already home to DokiDoki, Tzantza, Damigiana and Pitanga) in place of Jean Louis La Nuit, Chez Lulu is a no-holds-barred, feminine and gourmet affair! Because Chez Lulu claims to be both a " resto disco " and an " erotico club ". And the place lives up to these adages and expectations.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

With its70's erotic chic decor, designed by Mother&Daughter Interior, featuring floral carpets, mirrors and erotic posters, glamorous dancers strolling between the tables and onto the dance floor, and erotic films projected on the walls, Chez Lulu 's mission is to " bring back the uninhibited panache of Parisian nightlife ". And it really does.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

And since glamour is also for the customers, Chez Lulu even has its own hairdresser, Titi, who has set up shop next to the toy store, where you'll find chains and gags. For 20 euros, this chic, colorful hairdresser will give you a blow-dry for the evening. No more " I've got bad hair " excuses for not going out after work.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

As we said, Chez Lulu is also very gourmet. So it offers a tempting range of restaurants. For starters, the tuna tataki is simply delicious. And the burrata, though placed on a huge nest of lettuce, is just as tasty, enhanced by crispy Serrano ham chips and a few scattered shavings of black truffle.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

As for the dishes, we set our sights on the fillet of beef, offered here raw but prepared in the Asian gravelax style, i.e. infused for 48 hours in its Iranian black lemon marinade. A surprising, innovative and succulent recipe. We also succumbed to the octopus, with its peanuts, masterfully cooked. As for the side dishes, while the potato purée is worthy of the place, we can't recommend enough the celery and cumin purée. A perfect match.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

For dessert, the CBD space cheesecake is frothy and airy. As for the chocolate moelleux, it's as runny as you could wish for and more than just delicious. If the prices are rather high, as is always the case in this kind of place, the quality is there. Which is not always the case elsewhere.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

To accompany these gourmet plates, there's room for tasty beverages, creation cocktails like the " Geisha Sauvage ", made with gin, oolong tea, yuzu liqueur and pomegranate. A good cocktail, but not very generous in quantity. That's why we preferred " Le Saint des Seins " with tequila, raspberry liqueur, rose syrup, lemon juice, aquafaba and Perrier. A very elegant and subtle nectar.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

Chez Lulu 's live ambience is provided by the in-house DJs, who mix a very 80s and 90s sound. The music inspires the dancers, who move to their heart's content. There's no set choreography here, and no show to speak of. After the meal, the sound gets louder, the dance floor fills up and the night owls turn up to dance. The clientele is not too young.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

The colorful world of Chez Lulu begins at the entrance, with hostesses in glittery outfits, before descending to the basement where everything really happens, right down to the toilets with their equally psychedelic ambience. In fact, you have to be dressed to enter.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

Chez Lulu is one of our favorite discoveries of 2022, and is sure to revive Parisian nights.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please drink responsibly.

This test was conducted as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please mention it in the comments.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts May 4th, 2022



    66 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    75001 Paris 1

    Accessibility info

    Desserts: €11 - €12
    Cocktails: €17
    Entrées: €19 - €28
    Plats: €24 - €44
    Menu: €70

    Official website


    More information
    Open Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m.

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