ONI Coffee Shop

ONI Coffee Shop is the brand-new coffee shop set Boulevard Saint-Martin. Come and discover this relaxing, luminous and welcoming place where you’ll feel relaxed whilst sipping a delicious coffee and eating a homemade pastry.

The crowded Boulevard Saint-Martin has seen a new Coffee shop open: ONI Coffee Shop. Walk in and discover a luminous and industrial-inspired place. Second-hand chairs, wooden counter, cozy seats and nice plants are brought together to create a welcoming décor, like at home.

ONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee Shop

ONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee Shop

Once you’re in, we discover the counter offering homemade viennoiseries and pastries. We succumb to the carrot cake coated with a lemon-flavored icing and the banana bread moist and crunchy at the same time because of the chopped walnuts. Cakes change according to seasons and the creations of the moment. Are you gluten-intolerant? Well, choose the mango chia pudding or the green smoothie bowl.

ONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee Shop

ONI Coffee Shop plays the artisanal, local and homemade products card. So, no need to look for coke or other sodas, you will only find fresh juice pressed cold and in front of your eyes. We love the fresh kiwi-apple-cucumber juice and the peppy carrot-orange-ginger.

Regarding coffees, try the excellent Lomi coffee, the best of artisanal roasting. Fancying a latte art? Claire Longathe and Damiano Gasbarri will be happy to make you a pretty heart. So, are you more into Mocha, latte or cappuccino? The choice is yours!

ONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee ShopONI Coffee Shop

Maybe you are more of a tea person? If so, you can choose your drink among a beautiful selection of Damman teas or the surprising Chai latte.

If you are looking for a place to grab a quick lunch, ONI Coffee Shop has a wide choice of savory “Tartines”, or open-faced sandwiches, based on a quality slice of bread from the famous Hutopie baker’s shop. Sea-inspired sandwich with marinated cobia tartare, the vegetarian one with Taleggio cheese and garlic or the gorgonzola-walnut or what about the “carnivore” sandwich with sausage and broccoli. Originality is the shop’s watchword. You only have to taste it to feel it out.

This spot is more than a coffee shop, it’s an animated space where it feels good to come with your laptop (all the more so as wifi is available). A brunch offer is coming soon and will feature a “tartine” of your choice and unlimited pastries.

What about a well-deserved break?

Practical information:
ONI Coffee Shop
10 boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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Last updated on 10 March 2017

Practical information


10 Boulevard Saint-Martin
75010 Paris 10

pâtisseries: 2-4 €
cappuccino: 4 €
jus frais: 4-5 €
tartines: 8-10 €

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