O’Brothers: the legal gangster pub

O’Brothers is an American-like pub that takes you to a gangster universe. This spot features three atmospheres and treats you well with its original creations. The friendly general atmosphere makes you feel like making it your HQ.

This is the story of a man, a Canadian fond of gangster movies who roamed America to attend the most legendary gangster movies premieres. For this road-trip, he took his three sons and succeeded in collecting posters and autographs from the greatest actors. He gave this love for this kind of movies to his children. Many years later, the three brothers decided to start a project: creating a place promoting this family passion. This is how O’Brothers was born.

O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

You should know that here, you’re friends with everyone: you’ll be called by your surname, treated like a friend and it’s all perfectly well. No fuss, no filter, you come to have a good night with your buddies and far from any etiquette.


O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

This American-like pub has three atmospheres. First, after walking in, you feel like being in a speak-easy from the Prohibition era in the US.By the way, on one of the walls, you discover a very nice collection of archive pictures from the 1920s and coming from the three brothers’ father’s private collection. Have a sit at the counter, people laugh, people talk, in short, people live and make the best of it.


O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

The second room is more focused on the seven art. On the walls, posters of genuine cinema master pieces. The Godfather, Scarface, the references are galore and are worthy of being studied. So that you can be an outlaw for a picture, two photo-calls are available.

O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

You can have you friends take a picture of you inside a jail or have your mugshot taken, you know, this picture of prisoners taken before going to jail showing their identification number. This immersive room also provided two giant flat screens on each side of the room which makes it perfect to watch games.

O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

You walk past Georges Clooney locked in his cell to walk down understated stairs to access the third room: a vault cellar that can also be used as a dancefloor. Another room and more private is also available. Yes, O’Brothers also gives you the opportunity to access the cellar, one of the particularity of this area in Paris.

O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

I know, I give you a beautiful picture, but you’re thirsty. It’s fine, the list is as worth it as the pub’s decoration. First things first, prices: €6 for a classic cocktail during Happy Hours (from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.), is very affordable especially for the area, and €8 when not in Happy Hours. O’Brothers also offers you to taste its original creations. Signature cocktails cost between €8 (in Happy Hours) and €10 (off Happy Hours) and they’re truly worth it. Well dosed out and very well thought out, they are presented according to their alcohols: vodka, rum or whiskey. We strongly advise you the O’Brothers with vodka, strawberry liquor, raspberry liquor, lime and pineapple that creates a trues flavor explosion in the mouth.

O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster

But that’s not all since here, a nice range of shots is also provided. Classics such as the Orgasm rub shoulder with original creations. If you’ve the guts, we suggest you try the Foetus (Fetus) that is aptly named. Lift your glass at eye level to understand the name. The illusion is perfect. But be reassured, it is only made of a harmonious blend of peach cream, Bailey’s and pomegranate syrup giving it a sweet taste.

O'Brother, le bar en mode gangster
You’re more of a beer-person? Fine, here, you can enjoy a pint for €3.5 during Happy Hours (€5 otherwise). And if you feel peckish, O’Brothers offers several snacks at low prices to fulfill your appetite. Chips, grilled cheese or a huge pizza slice, it’ll only cost you €4 max.

Practical information:
Open every day
From 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
13 rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 Paris

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 11 September 2017

Practical information


13 Rue Grégoire de Tours
75006 Paris 6

Métro Odéon (ligne 4 et ligne 10)

Shot: 5 €
Cocktail classique en Happy Hour: 6 €
Cocktail classique hors Happy Hour: 8 €
Cocktail spécial en Happy Hour: 8 €
Cocktail spécial hors Happy Hour: 10 €

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