Uma and its surprising cocktail bar in Paris

Uma cocktail bar, managed by Théo, serves cocktails with uncommon flavors! A surprising discovery but worth it…

Uma is a Nikkei gastronomy restaurant set at the heart of Paris 1st arrondissement. But for now, let’s talk about the ground floor…

With the bar ruling the center of the dark place for more intimacy, Théo shakes his creation to make us taste them. On the list, we find the rather classic bases but don’t fool yourself, each of it has its twist to surprise the taste buds. We find lots of roundness in the barmen’s cocktail always enhanced by a touch of sourness and freshness and sometimes, you can even find a smoked touch.

Uma et son bar à cocktails surprenant

For example, we have the Spicy Sour: Fireball, simple syrup, lemon juice, egg white and ginger essence, or the Japan Old Fashioned: Nikka, Yuzu essence, simple syrup, angostura syrup and even the Prohibition: Cognac Gautier, jasmine essence, Parfait Amour liquor.

On this floor, we can also nibble on tapas, share a rib of beef, and there are even desserts with Japanese-Peruvian flavors, always. For example, there are Peking duck gyozas, Japanese virgin oil and Peruvian curry emulsion (Uma specialty) and even candied beef empanadas with ajipanca vinaigrette with passion and coffee.

Uma et son bar à cocktails surprenantDessert: Tapioca, fruit of the moment and lucuma

In other words, Uma bar is a very beautiful foretaste that makes us want to climb upstairs to continue the trip!

Uma et son bar à cocktails surprenant

Practical information:
Uma cocktail bar
Location: Uma
Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Rates: cocktails from €14
Tapas from €10
Rib of beef: €80 for 2
Dessert from €6

Emilie L.
Last updated on 14 November 2017

Practical information


7 Rue du 29 Juillet
75001 Paris 1

M°1 : Tuileries
M°14 : Pyramides

Cocktails à partir de: 14 €

Recommended age
From 18 years old

Official website

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