Bar de Biondi: Argentinian tapas, wines and cocktails in Paris

Amigos unite, we’ve found THE spot to make your taste buds travel to South-America! Nestled in Parsi 11th arrondissement, Bar de Biondi is the perfect place to have your belly full of Argentinian tapas served with delicious cocktails for some and a glass of wine for others.

Imagine: empanada in one hand, a glass of Pisco in the other! We could have been teleported to Latino America for a few hours but we’re on a budget and it’s in Paris that we stopped.

More exactly, we stopped by Bar de Biondi! Located in Oberkampf trendy neighborhood, this bar will fulfill every travelling gourmets’ taste buds or make you discover new flavors.

Open since November 2017, Bar de Biondi is set next to Restaurant de Biondi where Fernando de Tomaso has been working since 2015. With Bar de Biondi, the talented Argentinian Chef bets even more on counter dishes like ceviche, crudo, croquetas as well as on South-American cocktails and natural wines from France and Argentina.

Bar De Biondi

Once you’re in, Bar de Biondi atmosphere is friendly and laid-back, and you’ll be served with a hearty, available and smiling team.

Once we’ve found our cozy spot, we must discover the menu that looks like a good omen for what’s to come. Read on your neighbors’ faces and you’ll see them drool over their plates and glasses to understand the gustative pleasure that will come to you.

The tasting stars with the succulent and crispy crab fritters served with their jalapeños sauce.

Le Bar de Biondi : tapas, vins et cocktails ArgentinsCrab fritters

Among the Aperitivo tapas to try out, we have the Iberico ham croquetas, pork Tacos with chipotle and avocado or a Provolone cheese served with a honey mousse.

You’ll continue with the famous and delicious empanadas served 3 at a time. If some will rather go for the Beef and cumin or the squid and pimento de la vera empanada, we go for the empanadas stuffed with spinach and mozzarella, what a delight!

Le Bar de Biondi : tapas, vins et cocktails ArgentinsSpinach and mozzarella empanadas

Next, we enjoyed the very tasty Nikkei salmon ceviche enhanced by a light Yuzu hint. Once again, taste buds quiver from the first bite.

Le Bar de Biondi : tapas, vins et cocktails ArgentinsNikkei Salmon Ceviche

Let’s end with the incredible and memorable perfectly braised squid anticucho and its fine celery purée with mustard! This last tapa is something that had our hearts and our taste buds!

Le Bar de Biondi : tapas, vins et cocktails ArgentinsSquid anticucho

Who says Argentina says meat! Bar de Biondi offers meats to share and cooked on the braise (from 7 p.m.) as well, with for example this Bife Angosto (sirloin steak) for €30 or the churrasco de las pampas (rib steak) for €33.

The bar also has desserts with three tantalizing creations: pistachio, pear and goji berry empanadas, a chocolate and cocoa crumble and a variation of Dulce de Leche.

In terms of drinks, I let myself go for the house major cocktails: the Pisco Biondi based on Pisco of course but with cilantro and Limon. Beautiful, tasty, this incredible drink also seems to please regulars.

Le Bar de Biondi : tapas, vins et cocktails ArgentinsPisco Biondi

This spicy “Passion Del Pebre” cocktail (Rum, passion, Jamaica pepper) is becoming popular, such as the “Spicy Bramble” (Vodka, Aji Amarillo and blackberry).

For wine enthusiasts, the bar doesn’t do things by half with a fine list of wine including 50 references from small wine-makers and natural wines from France and Argentina.

Betting on Argentinian art de vivre, Bar de Bondi guessed right. People come to relax with friends, share a laid-back moment and experience a splendid gustative journey that our taste buds won’t forget any time soon. Trying the bar is adopting it and making sure you’ll come many more times.

Bar De Biondi

Practical information:
Bar de Biondi
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. in the weekend
Phone: +33 (0)1 43 55 83 77
Tapas from €8 to €12

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health. Please consume with moderation.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 5 February 2018

Practical information


116 Rue Amelot
75011 Paris 11

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