La Démesure en Scène Ouest: the biggest open-air cultural and gourmet stage in Paris

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 24 June 2021 at 11h36
To experience a summer 2021 both tasty and cultural, head to Démesure en Scène Ouest in Paris 7th arrondissement. Performing arts, stand up, street theater, concerts, crazy creature shows, as well as Swedish barbecues expect you in this new open-air recreational location!

La Démesure à l'Ouest becomes La Démesure en Scène Ouest. All summer 2021 long, the famous terrace set in Paris 7th arrondissement offers you to discover the biggest cultural and gourmet open-air stage in town.

Thanks to performing arts, stand up, street theater, concerts, crazy creature show, without forgetting the Swedish barbecues, La Démesure en Scène Ouest becomes a genuine 1,600sqm recreational place initiated by Filipe Alves, troublemaker Nicolas Ullmann, and Dix Heures theater stage director and actor Eric Delcourt, along with humorist Léa Lando.

La Démesure en Scène Ouest, "it is the merging of different passions from the staff members and our common will to team up with Olivier Rats and Eric Oppenot from Concorde Atlantique to support performing art and offer the best of gastronomy making the force and originality of La Démesure en Scène. This uncommon participative stage will be related to epicureanism!", concept creator Filipe Alves explains in a release.

Although Nicolas Ullmann will be entrusted with finding the quality lineup mixing live music performances and wild concerts. Eric Delcourt has the incredible task of shining a light on performing arts through stand up and street theater... Meet on Sunday afternoons to meet with 5 new talents.

As for her, humorist Léa Lando will take care of the Thursday program at La Démesure en Scène Ouest with an "open Seine" nestled on the rooftop of the Concorde Atlantique boat. On the occasion, several famous French humorists such as Elie Semoun, Tristan Lopin, Paul Mirabel and Jamel Comedy Club jury members will be here to put on a show!

To improve this already very great cultural program, Paris Première creatures (Soa de Muse, Patachtouille, L'Oiseau Joli, Brenda Mour and Corrine) intent to set fire to the place on Saturdays.

Moving on to food, La Démesure en Scène Ouest takes you to Italy thanks to Deliziosa Trattoria Gusto where foodies can enjoy delicious products from the boot.

There is no doubt, summer is about to be recreational at La Démesure en Scène Ouest!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 19 May 2021



    23 Quai Anatole France
    75007 Paris 7

    M° Assemblée Nationale, Concorde et Musée d'Orsay

    Official website

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    Ouverture du mardi et jeudi de 17H00 à 2h, puis les mercredi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche de 12h à 2h

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