Amaro: the first cocktail bar devoted to bitters in Paris

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Published by Caroline J. · Photos by Caroline J. · Published on 4 October 2020 at 13h32 · Updated on 5 October 2020 at 11h07
The best of bitters is to be enjoyed at Amaro. Created by chef-restaurateur Philippe Baranes, this food and cocktail bar gives bitterness pride of place with an exclusive list of cocktails. Head to Paris 9th arrondissement now to enjoy the art of aperitivo like in Northern Italy as if you were there.

If you are as fond of Italian culture as chef-restaurateur Philippe Baranes, then Negroni may be one of your favorite cocktails. Already behind Braisenville (2011) and Il Cuocco Galante (2017), the creator of innovative concepts has given birth to his third bar in Paris.

Nestled in Paris 9th arrondissement, Amaro is the very first cocktail bar devoted to bitters in Paris. Designed by architect François Doll, the place has been created like an anti-speakeasy with a pink Venetian décor.

Amaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photos

But what are bitters exactly? They are alcoholic drinks based on infusion, decoction or maceration of bitter or sweet vegetable ingredients (herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables, spices…), mixed with wine (Vermouth) or alcohol (Amari).

Those who love these Italian specialties can discover at Amaro and exclusive list highlighting some of the most popular references, as well as sharper gems.

The list is ordered by bitterness. Behind the bar, famous mixologist Stan Jouenne plays with amari flavors (such as Montenegro, Amaro di Farmily or Fernet Angelico), vermouths (such as Dolin de Chambéry, Punt e Mes or Mulassano) and bitters (such as Nardini, Gran Classico and Gagliardo).

All in all, ten cocktails are available on the list and will change with seasons. Of course, you can enjoy “Negroni” created in Firenze in the early 20th century. Here, available in three versions, including the “Paradisi Negroni” (gin, homemade timut-infused bitter blend, vermouth blend), the “Latino Negroni” (mezcal, cocoa nib-infused bitter blend, vermouth blend) and last but not least the “Caffè Cognac Negroni” (cognac, Grand Bulot, bitter blend, vermouth blend). The latter is very tasty and one of the best revisited Negronis in Paris!

Amaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photos

As for the rest, you can order the “Tu bluffes Martoni” (aperitivo blend, dried lime, grapefruit juice, milk, lemon, top spumante) or the “l’Amaro Moi” (rosemary-infused rum, bitter), or the very refreshing "Tutto Bene" with Berto Aperitivo, ginger and lemon syrup, vodka nuage and a pink of smoked pepper and some Gasco Cedrata.

Amaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photos

Of course, at Amaro, the art of aperitivo is to be fully enjoyed. The bar also provides you with a selection of mouthwatering traditional snacks created with IL Cuocco Galante Roman chef Valerio Ugliano.

On the menu? Venetian cicchetti such as Acciughe in saor (fresh marinated anchovies, red onions, raisins, capers, vinegar, pine nuts, laurel) and Baccala montecato (cod cream whipped with garlic and parsley, milk, olive oil). You can also discover tramezzini, the famous “club sandwiches” filled with beef di Pozzo carpaccio, stracchino and arugula, or even shrimps, crab, sea lettuce, lemon and aioli. You can also treat yourself to frittura mista (squids, king shrimps, red mullet).

We loved the simpleness but effectiveness of the "Suppli Al Telefono" plate: risotto firtter stuffed with chicken and super smooth mozzarella. We also loved the "Panino Alla Porchetta" based on roasted pork, tomato jam and ginger.

Amaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photosAmaro, les photos

To perfect this fantastic selection, Amaro does not forget about raw produces to nibble on, coming straight from small producers, such as cheese (taleggio, pecorino sardo, gorgonzola) and cold cuts (24-month Parma ham, mortadella, finocchiona, speck, Nduja) from Italy.

So, ready to fly off to Northern Italy?

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 21 September 2020



    38 Rue Condorcet
    75009 Paris 9

    Grignotage - à partir de: 3 €
    Sélection d'amers - à partir de: 6 €
    Cocktails - à partir de: 11 €

    01 40 40 09 11

    More informations
    Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 18h à 2h

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