Nuances, a great cocktail bar in the heart of a Parisian library

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 8 November 2021 at 10h02
Going to the library to have a drink… This is the uncommon experience provided by Nuances, the latest bar in Paris likely to make you fall in love with reading!

You will love reading with this new concept in Paris! Nuances, is the latest uncommon venue coming to the upper Marais at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais. In this never-before-seen spot, one discovers a huge library where books cover the place from top to bottom in a laid-back and home-like atmosphere.

Here, one come over to chill out to a hip-hop jazz playlist while sipping on exclusive cocktails pairing vegan and vegetarian dishes so everyone can enjoy themselves! Everything, namely cocktails and tapas, is based on organic and seasonal ingredients, which means the menu regularly changes and you can come over again and again and again to discover new indulging treats!

On the menu, elixirs with evocative names: Willie Wonka (Jamaican and Haitian rum, falernum from Isle de France distillery, roasted butternut, Java pepper), La Chartreuse de Panam (Kennessy cognac, red Cucielo vermouth, green chartreuse, black olive and chocolate), and Je suis ton pear (Merlet pear liqueur, Amaro di Family, Ardbeg Ten, Dartigalongue double Oakes, Verbena).

Beyond providing this great-feeling spot, Nuances also intends to shine a light on the French terroir with local spirits and revisited classics for every curious people’s delight!

An uncommon menu and a Made in France and seasonal offer, here is the secret recipe of this place intending to turn us into authentic bookworms!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 3 November 2021 to 30 November 2023



    111 Bd Beaumarchais
    75003 Paris 3

    Métro Filles du Calvaire (ligne 8)

    Cocktails: €13 - €15

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