A very handy map to find sunny terraces in Paris

Published by Manon C. · Photos by My B. · Published on 9 May 2022 at 12h40
To help you out looking for the perfect terrace in Paris, as sunny as possible, an interactive map is now available online. A great deal to enjoy this spring-summer!

Here is the tool you absolutely need this spring-summer! Now sunny days are back, here is THE map that will not leave your bookmarks on your phone: Jveuxdusoleil.

This interactive map has one purpose: guide you through the streets of Paris to help you find the bar, hotel, restaurant or café terrace that will be sunny at the time you start searching. The map looks like a regular Paris map, but it has a special feature.

On the map, you can get aware, depending on the time and day of your research, of the shadow made by the city’s monuments, trees, and obstacles likely to steal away the sun from you, and so, you can easily and quickly find terraces bathed in sun, perfect to improve your tan!

It will definitely help you cut endless discussions with your friends about whether or not this or that terrace is still exposed to the sun at this time. Look at the map and you will be settled!

You will thank us at the end of summer, when your tan will be perfect and once you would have gotten your fill of serotonin!

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    75 Paris


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