Le Meltdown : THE bar in Paris for gamers

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 11 January 2013 at 11h41
After the "Last bar before the end of the world" (Dernier Bar avant la fin du monde), dedicated to geeks, here is the Meltdown: the first e-sports bar dedicated to video games' lovers. Open for a little less than a year, this bar, located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, offers not only to purely quench your thirst, with its beers and cocktails, but also and above all, to have an awesome time, playing online video games.

If I say "StarCraft II", what comes to your mind? Probably not much if you are no fan of video games. However, if you are, I know your eyes just light up and your face bightened up.

Of course! A famous Real-time strategy (RTS) video game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, "StarCraft II" has become over time a benchmark in the field to the point where a new bar concept, knowned as BarCrafts, has come to life, around these games.

Finally, Paris has its own, with the opening last spring of the Meltdown, "the first e-sports bar in Europe" according to some. What happens inside? Screens show StarCraft II-related events, live coaching or games between famous gamers or just regular customers.

As a result, the Meltdown's Facebook page regularly announces special League of Legends or Starcraft 2 tournaments.

But the eSports bar also allows one to go for a drink, with beer or cocktails with fairly evocative names, such as the "Hellion Blue Flame" (Hellion flamme bleue), the "Spawning pool", the "ForceField" the "Thor" or the "MadmoiZerg".

To taste them, you know what you have to do: rush to the Meltdown and enter a whole new world!

Practical information:
Le Meltdown
32, rue Albert Thomas, 75010 Paris
Open Monday to Sunday from 17:00 (5 p.m) to 2:00 a.m

Practical information

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