Paris best speakeasies

You love speakeasies, these hidden bars that take you back in the prohibition area? Yet, a hidden bar means… it’s hidden! Here’s how you can find the best secret bars in Paris.

You’ve decided to pretend you’re an outlaw? Well, we might help you out! Follow us if you want to discover la crème de la crème of Paris best speakeasies, these hidden bars that give you the chills. Follow the guide:

Secret 8: Buddha-Bar hidden bar
If you like hidden cocktail bars, here’s THE new address you want to discover as soon as possible! If you have the password, you will be allowed to discover Secret 8, nestled behind a secret door at Buddha-Bar Paris!

No Entry: Pink Mamma speakeasy bar
If you like mystery, unique experience, Italian flavors, beautiful and original cocktails, hurry up and push the door that will take you straight to Pink Mamma speakeasy, No Entry. We did try it and we left with a big smile on our lips and seduced taste buds!

Ostrea & Perdition: Sea bar and hidden cocktail bar
A friendly oyster bar on the ground floor and a cocktail bar hidden underground? Sea Bar Ostrea and Perdition cocktail bar have come to Paris 1st arrondissement with a very cool concept to be discovered as soon as possible!

Golden Promise: the speakeasy whisky bar
Whisky lovers unite! Golden Promise is the brand-new hidden bar, a Whisky Bar more precisely that offers not less than 1000 references. You’ll love being an outlaw.

Bistrot des Cinéastes: Cinéma des Cinéastes hidden bar
A bar-restaurant hidden above a movie theater? It’s the concept of the very friendly Bistrot des Cinéastes, to be discovered above the Cinéma des Cinéastes, in Paris 17th arrondissement.

Lavomatic: Paris new hidden bar
After the bar hidden in a taqueria or at the back of a pizzeria, discover now the new speakeasy bar in Paris hidden on the first floor of a laundromat! Lavomatic has set in Paris 10th arrondissement and is already widely talked about!

Jambon Bar:  Jambon Beurre hidden bar
Who would have thought that an artisanal sandwich store was housing a wine bar with quality products within its basement? Yet, this is what the store Jambon Beurre offers you to discover, in Paris 1st arrondissement, with its Jambon Bar, open from Thursday to Saturday from 6:30 p.m.

Moonshinder: the hidden cocktail bar
If you love cocktail bars that make you travel through time and especially at the time of prohibition, head to Moonshiner located just a stone’s throw from Bastille.

La Mezcaleria: the only open-air cocktail bar
After creating a buzz with their hidden bar concept, La Mezcaleria underground bar by the 1K Paris Hotel is the talk of the town once again; it’s the city's only outdoor cocktail bar!

The Maison Souquet and its undisclosed bar near Moulin Rouge
The former pleasure house from the Belle Epoque and transformed into a 5-star Hotel hides one of the most undisclosed bars in Paris and at the heart of its most crowded area: a quiet and serene setting where barmen reveal us cocktails that will delight all our senses.

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 27 May 2019

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