The best exotic bars in Paris

How about sipping a drink and travelling? No need to go to the other end of the world, we found the best exotic bars in Paris where you can enjoy a good night while satisfying your taste buds!

How about a one-way ticket to an exotic destination, just for the night but without leaving Paris? How come? Well, by going straight to an exotic bar! Here you are, at the departure gate. Choose your destination, your night is going to be beautiful!

You thought Pachamama gave you all its secrets? Far from there, climb up to the counter on the 2nd floor to discover a wonderful bar with engravings and floral murals, dressed waiters as well as cocktails based on tequila and other magic potions to chill until late, the whole enhanced with tapas.

Le Pachamama remplace le Barrio Latino

Mexican gastrobar but not only. Here you enjoy cocktails taking you straight to Mexico the whole with delicious tacos, quesadillas and a guacamole to die for!

Chilam : l’excellent Gastrobar mexicain de la capitale

Bar de Biondi
Amigos, we found THE spot to make your taste buds experience an incredible trip to South-America! Nestled in Paris 11th arrondissement, Bar de Biondi is the perfect place to enjoy Argentinian tapas served with delicious cocktails for some and glasses of wine for others.

Le Bar de Biondi : tapas, vins et cocktails Argentins

Boteco is the current Brazilian address rocking Paris 10th arrondissement. A warm tapas bar making us travel especially if we’re looking for exoticism and getaways in South-America.

Boteco, l'escale brésilienne à Paris

Le Méchoui du Prince
This restaurant is hiding in the Latin neighborhood and is a very particular bar since it has Moroccan cocktails. To be discovered asap!

Le Méchoui du Prince lance son brunch et ses cocktails signatures 

Djakarta Bali
In addition to satisfying your taste buds with Indonesian flavors, the Djakarta Bali restaurant also treats you to superb and exotic cocktails!

Djakarta Bali : Les saveurs de l'indonésie

Uma cocktail bar, managed by Théo, serves cocktails with unknown flavors! A surprising discovery that’s worth it!

Uma et son bar à cocktails surprenant

La Mezcaleria
If you like speakeasy bars, meet at 1K Paris and push the doors of La Mezcaleria, the clandestine bar of the famous Parisian hotel. On the menu? Cocktails based on Mezcal and a Mexican atmosphere.

Mezcaleria ciel ouvert

Kinugawa Vendôme Bar
Here’s for all lovers and fans of Japanese gastronomy. Kunigawa Vendôme bar offers a very beautiful break in the country of the Rising Sun with cocktails and finger food directly inspired by Japan.

Bar du Kinugawa Vendôme à Paris

Jesus Maria
Jesus Maria is the brand-new French-Mexican restaurant in the Pigalle neighborhood. We enjoy dishes to share with friends like Mexican tapas: bacon, beef chunk, foie gras tacos, ceviche and guacamole of course!

Jesus Maria

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Last updated on 6 July 2018

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