Top 10 of Paris' original bars

Going from the ice bar to the one where you can enjoy delicious drinks while petting a cat, without forgetting the bar where you can play board games... Paris is full of bars, all more original than strange and invites you to discover its top of the capital's unusual bars.

When it comes to bars, Paris never empties and even experiences newcomers practically every week...

In order to make a difference, create buzz and stir up the interest, some do not hesitate to launch rather atypical and unusual concepts like this bar where you can drink out of a baby bottle or this hotel where you can enjoy a cocktail with a temperature of -10 °C...

In short, unusual bars Sortiraparis invites you to discover without further ado:


You only have to make a choice for a fun night out!


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Last updated on 2 January 2019

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