Christmas teas and yule log 2017 at Mariage Frères

Historic Tea House, Mariage Frères celebrates Christmas through its famous Christmas teas “Haute Couture” way as well as with its delicious colorful and fir-shaped yule logs. To be discover during the Holidays 2017. Let’s enjoy them all, they’re delicious.

I bet you know the Mariage Frères teas. But what about their desserts? For the Holidays, our favorite tea brand prepared yule logs as good-looking as good-tasting. You want to do something original, and give this little bonus brought by the flavors of this delicious tea? Go for this year’s Haute Couture Christmas teas and yule logs.

You can order them directly in the various stores as well as online up to two days prior to Christmas, no excuse to deprive yourself the pleasure.

Noël 2017 chez Mariage Frères

Regarding the yule logs 2017:

This year, not one but several yule logs called Noël Etoilé will decorate your table for this Christmas. Red, blue or gold here are the colors adding a pop of color and each of them has a special flavor.

  • Noël Etoilé – Red: yule log flavored with “Esprit de Noël” black tea
    Under a velvet coat hide wild strawberry and scented raspberries, a light sponge cake with organic matcha green tea from Japan, topping a crispy and soft Bourbon vanilla meringue.

  • Noël Etoilé – Gold: yule log flavored with “White Noël” white tea
    Under a glimmering velvet golden coat, we discover candied kumquats, salted caramel and grilled hazelnuts, a gooey chocolate-gianduja ganache, the whole laying on a crispy and soft Bourbon vanilla meringue.

  • Noël Etoilé – Blue: yule log flavored with “Noël Bleu” blue tea
    This time, under a blue velvet coat, we discover a fruity heart with blackcurrant and candied chestnuts, a soft buckwheat biscuit, the whole covering the famous crispy and soft Bourbon vanilla meringue.

Noël 2017 chez Mariage Frères

Regarding the Christmas teas:

This year, we go for the Haute Couture Collection offering 4 exceptional teas:

  • Esprit de Noël: a festive black tea embellished with mandarin, orange, almond, vanilla and cinnamon.

  • Noël Nouveau: an organic green tea with spicy and fruity notes.

  • White Noël: a spicy white tea with slight apricot inflections

  • Noël Bleu: a blue tea with accents of cinnamon, vanilla and orange peel
Noël 2017 chez Mariage Frères

Please note that Mariage Frères presents a whole Christmas range to be discovered. If you’re looking for a gift for a tea connoisseur, you’re likely to find your happiness. For example, succumb to the superb cast irons teapots by Fils de France chic and modern at the same time.

Noël 2017 chez Mariage Frères

Well, what do you think? Go visit the store within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. A lovely break in the tea parlor is a must!

Practical information:
Haute Couture Christmas at Mariage Frères
Christmas cakes on order up to 2 days before Christmas
Distance selling by calling +33 (0)1 43 47 18 54
Addresses in Paris

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Last updated on 4 December 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 18 November 2017 to 31 December 2017



    56 Rue Cler
    75007 Paris 7

    Ecole Militaire

    thé haute couture: 29 €
    le sapin: 38 €
    les 3 sapins: 96 €

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