Cueillette Coftea Shop, the coffee shop and tearoom in Paris

Why choosing between a good cup of coffee and a tasty cup of tea? Cueillette Coftea Shop is the brand-new coffee shop and tearoom in Paris Belleville offering exceptional teas and home-roast coffee. The whole is served with homemade cakes and gourmet treats… Delightful moment ahead!

Coffee or tea? Why choosing? On one hand, Coffee shops and on the other hand, tearooms. Cueillette Coftea Shop did not choose and decided to do both. Of course, why has no one done it before?

Have you ever taken a friend, a lover or a family member to a nice coffee shop offering tasty coffee but dubious tea bags from I do not know where? We know how hard it is to find a place offering both specialty coffee and tea (unless you are in a luxury hotel, of course). At Cueillette Coftea Shop, you will finally have everything to spend a lovely time with your special someone.

Cueillette Coftea Shop

What are specialty coffees and teas, you would ask? They are products from a continual look for quality from the harvest to the roasting. At Cueillette Coftea Shop, you will not find the same coffee everyone else drinks. The shop works with This Side Up, an importer travelling throughout the world on the look for small producers.

And because if you want something done, do it yourself, Brian Valette roasts coffee himself thanks to The Beans on Fire, a nearby collaborative roasting place. Doing it himself allows him to try small productions in small lots.

So, each visit will be a surprise. When we came, we tasted an amazing Thai coffee with sour notes and a smooth Columbian coffee both sweet and flavored. Good riddance to burnt coffee. At Cueillette Coftea Shop, the staff keeps their weather eye open! You liked your coffee? Brian sells bags of coffee.

Cueillette Coftea Shop

Tea is Isabelle’s responsibility, Brian’s associate. As a tea passionate, she wanted to make available a whole range of exceptional teas in a place both welcoming and cozy but far from being stiff. 

Cueillette Coftea Shop

You would have guessed it, here no X, Y or Z tea bags. Cueillette Coftea Shop provides a wonderful range of natural teas. (Re)discover the genuine taste of naturally flavored teas. Wild white tea, oolong teas grown in Taiwan, pu’er teas produced in Yunnan, genmaicha a roasted brown rice green tea or wild rooibos teas. A wonderful menu is offered to tea lovers.

To serve this wonderful tea, the couple ensures to prepare it as it should be to spread the flavors of the leaves.

Cueillette Coftea Shop

Nestled in a quiet street of Belleville, this place screams for a break and a relaxing moment. As it is open all day long, for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack, go and treat yourself! All the gourmet treats and pastries are homemade on the spot, the same thing goes for the bread you will be delighted to eat with homemade jam. Scrambled eggs, incredible savory granola, soup and hot dishes are served every day along with homemade financiers, cookies, tartlets and scones.

Cueillette Coftea Shop

In short, what about a succulent tea and coffee in great company?

Practical information:
Cueillette Coftea Shop
6 Rue du Moulin Joly, 75011 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. 

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Last updated on 3 May 2017

Practical information


6 Rue du Moulin Joly
75011 Paris 11

pâtisseries: 2-4,5 €
espresso: 2,5 €
cappucino: 3,5 €
plat: 5-6 €
thés: 6-9 €

Recommended age
For all

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