Yule log 2019 by La Meringaie

Published by Manon C. · Published on 16 September 2019 at 21h24 · Updated on 16 September 2019 at 21h25
For the Holidays 2019, La Meringaie unveils two original yule logs but pavlova version.

To fulfill gourmet taste buds this Christmas 2019, La Meringaie places its yule log 2019 in the golden sun of the Reunion's sun.

Behind this creation called “Cassiopée”, hides a meringue, of course, but also green Sichuan berry and Bourbon vanilla whipped cream, roasted Victoria pineapple, passion fruit and candied kumquat.

By the way, are you more into crispy meringue or soft meringue? Don't panic, La Meringaie thought about everything with this two-faced yule log: a Meringaie pavlova with crispy and soft meringue, or a rolled pavlova with soft meringue and hazelnut sprinklers.

So, which you tempts you the most? The rolled pavlova costs €49 (for 6 to 8 servings), while the Meringaie pavlova is availbale for 6 to 8 servings for €49 as a yule log or for 8 servings and  €44.50 as a round cake. The cake is also available as individual size for small solitary pleasures for €5.90.

Put some sun to your Holidays 2019!

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