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Jardin Sucré Paris pastry store and its best macarons in France

Published on 30 November 2017 By Elodie D.
Pâtisserie Le Jardin Sucré

Practical information

156 Rue de Courcelles
75017 Paris 17

M° 3 - Pereire

1,9 euros (le macaron)
5 euros (la tablette de chocolat)
5-8 euros (la patisserie)

After a first store in Yvelines, Jardin Sucré comes to Paris with a new pastry store in the 17th arrondissement. In their pastry stores, Mélanie L’Héritier and Arnaud Mathez offer macarons but not any kind of macarons, they’re the best macarons 2014 in France. Three years after their title, the two pasty chefs remain humble and are always trying to outdo themselves, successfully!

Meet rue de Courcelles for delicious pastries and macarons. In their Cernay-la-Ville pastry store, Mélanie L’Héritier and Arnaud Mathez have been cooking macarons every day for over five years.

To get such delicious macarons, the two pâtissiers work only exceptional and seasonal products and try themselves with uncommon compositions: rose from Lebanon macaron, blackcurrant-chestnut macaron, dark chocolate-lime macaron, or basil-vanilla from Madagascar… there’re only 12 flavors offered in store, but what flavors!

Pâtisserie Le Jardin Sucré

Pâtisserie Le Jardin Sucré

In 2014, they were only 25 years old, the two Cernay-la-Ville pastry chefs set themselves a challenge and not any kind of challenge: Mélanie L’Héritier and Arnaud Mathez took part in the French Macaron Championship and won it!

And if we’re attracted to macarons, we let ourselves tempted by the key creations: a Paris-Brest with a homemade praline, a very sour lemon tart and the mille-feuille with salty butter caramel are to be tried out at all cost!

Pâtisserie Le Jardin Sucré

Pâtisserie Le Jardin Sucré

Their macarons really are delicious so much that Courcelles pastry store already attracts its share of curious eaters (including Philippe Conticini who came the day after the opening to discover the address).

Practical information:
Jardin Sucré Paris pastry store
Address: 156 rue de Courcelles – 75017 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Rates: €1.90 for one macaron, €5 for a chocolate bar, pastries for €5-€8

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