Valentine’s Day 2020 by Café Pouchkine

Published by Manon C. · Published on 29 January 2020 at 16h30
Roses, these are the delicious and very romantic tasty creations thought up by Café Pouchkine for Valentine's Day é020, to celebrate on February 14 as it should be.

This year, Café Pouchkine has decided to celebrate lovebirds on February 14. For Valentine’s Day 2020, Café Pouchkine and pastry chef Patrick Paillera came up with two beautiful, flavorful and romantic creations. So, are you more into black rose or pink rose?

The white chocolate Rose. Wrapped in a white chocolate dress hide a strawberry, raspberry confit and hibiscus syrup, soft vanilla cake, cirpsy rasperry mix and light vanilla mousse. At the top, a white chocolate rose resting on a strawberry jelly.

The dark chocolate Rose. The dark chocolate dress hides a strawberry and rasberry insert, hibiscrus syrup, soft chocolate cake, crispy raspberry mix and chocolate and raspberry mousse. On a strawberry bronze jelly, enjoy the dark chocolate rose.

A true delight to enjoy on the spot or to take away from February 7 to 16, 2020!

To know more about Valentine's Day 2020 in Paris:

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 7 February 2020 to 16 February 2020



    16 Place de la Madeleine
    75008 Paris 8

    Rose à emporter: €23
    Rose sur place: €32

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