Dalloyau presents its spring-summer 2018 novelties

Dalloyau presents us its new pastries for the summer 2018 period. Temporary creations, freshness, sweetness and originality await you for beautiful discoveries.

Sweet-toothed foodies, hide if you don’t want to succumb to Dalloyau new pastries. Jeremy Del Val (Dessert French Champion and Dalloyau head of pastry creation) reveals us his spring temporary creations and his pastries that will stay all summer long. freshness, sweetness and originality, we’re addicted.

Are you still here? Well, it won’t be our fault if Dalloyau tea salons become your new HQ!

No spring without cherry blossom. Sakura is a well-known flavor in Japan where the house meets an incredible success. After the discovery of a new sakura dough full of flavors, the chef – who already wanted to work with this subtle flavor – is throwing himself into the creation of a pastry that combined a red berries and sakura compote and sakura flowers, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar mousse, crispy pistachio praline and soft Bronte pistachio and Iran pistachio biscuit, Morello cherry cream flavored with Sakura and fresh red berries.

A bit of sourness with a light flower scent combined to the real taste of pistachio, we love it. The individual Fleur de Sakura costs €9 and the large one (serve 4 to 5 gourmet people): €45.

Les nouveautés printemps-été 2018 de Dalloyau

Freshness and exoticism with Exoflore, a gluten-free creation that combines a mango-passion-pineapple mousse and a verbena infusion, a crispy coconut biscuit and an exotic compote (mango, passion fruit and fresh verbena), a gooey verbena biscuit, an exotic cream scented with Sansho berries.

The chef – who originally comes from the restaurant industry – likes working with herbs and spices for his desserts. Here, verbena goes well with flavors from elsewhere. Exoflor exists in 2 formats: 4/5 or 6/7 servings, for €39 and €55 each.

Les nouveautés printemps-été 2018 de Dalloyau

Among the temporary creations, there are some you don’t want to miss, such as the Nuage Cardamome. A pastry that mixes almond milk with Indian cardamom topping a chocolate brownie with pecans. Cardamom is a plant we’re not used to find in pastries and this is what makes the whole thing original. Its taste makes this dessert a true revelation, we love it. Available for €7.50 until May 6 (don’t miss that very one!).

Les nouveautés printemps-été 2018 de Dalloyau

Among the temporary novelties, there is the Fraisilic to be discovered from May 7 to June 3. No surprises here: strawberry and basil are a happy marriage. We coat the whole with crispy white chocolate and voilà, a sure bet. Count €7.50 for this guilty please (or the strawberry pleasure). It’s the one in the middle!

Les nouveautés printemps-été 2018 de Dalloyau

We end the tasting with our favorite one, the Açaï Açaï, a gluten-free pastry that combines coconut mousse, acai glazing, raspberry and redcurrant compote heart, coconut biscuit, crispy sunflower seed, flakes, sesame, almond, caramelized pecan, maple syrup and white chocolate crispy cookie.

We love the sourness of acai, the coconut mousse and the surprising biscuit with a sprinkle of salt flower, you’ll die for it. Hold me back before I go back there… Count €7.50 to melt with pleasure.

Les nouveautés printemps-été 2018 de Dalloyau

Well and since we eat better when sharing, think about your mom since in France, Mother’s Day is coming soon. The chef came up with a lovely collection that combines macarons and perfumes. Everything to fall as long as taste and smell are concerned. We’ll tell you more about it very soon.

Les nouveautés printemps-été 2018 de Dalloyau


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