Une Glace à Paris: ice creams, cakes and chilled cocktails for summer 2018

Are you looking for a surprising ice cream in Paris? Rush to Une Glace à Paris in the Marais neighborhood or in Montmartre. Emmanuel Ryon – ice cream Meilleur Ouvrier de France – and Olivier Ménard offer us delicious ice creams and the icing on the cake, chilled desserts, yes my dear, chilled! We take you there…

Une Glace à Paris, is a must-visit place in Paris if you love ice creams! With two addresses in Paris, a tea room in the Marais neighborhood and a store in Montmartre, Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Ménard live a child’s dream!

Pastry passionate, Olivier Ménard set up his company with Pastry World’s Champion 1999 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier 2000 (please!) Emmanuel Ryon. Together, they want to prove something, that pastries can be delicious even served frozen. Here goes the challenge, and now they are serving tarte Tatin, citrus fruit charlottes, strawberry cream cake and Saint-Honoré, even if vacherins meet an incredible success!

Une glace à Paris - collection été 2018, les photos

And in 2018, they will rock your summer with crazy flavors.

Coconut, wild vanilla from Colombia, passion fruit as well as particular flavors such as organic lavender flower, green matcha tea, Pollen from Colombia, Mara des Bois strawberries/organic lavender flower, olive oil/lemon. On the spot, flavors are to be enjoyed for €4.20 and the discovery crown with 6 flavors costs €16.80!

Une glace à Paris - collection été 2018, les photos

Another novelty is the frozen Eskimo Pies that are delicious and creamy, with several flavors to please every sweet-toothed people: the 100% chocolate (Mexican chocolate sorbet, chocolate creamy heart, caramelized cocoa nibs, dark chocolate coating) or the Découverte [Discovery] (green matcha tea ice cream, geranium, strawberry heart, green tea coating, rose petals and pistachio), a true delight!

Une glace à Paris, la collection été 2018

But there’s even better than this, Olivier Ménard and Emmanuel Ryon succeeded in creating frozen cocktails, a pure extravagance. Margherita, Mojito and Pastis are also available in frozen version including 12% of alcohol.

A technic exploit that Olivier and Emmanuel are really proud of and that took him several months of research. Careful though, nothing differentiates them from a classic ice cream so don’t put them in your kids’ hands!

Come and enjoy these ice creams at the tea lounge set in rue de la Bretonnerie or in the street when exiting towards Montmartre!

Elodie D.
Last updated on 11 June 2018

Practical information


15 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
75004 Paris 4

la boule, au salon de thé: 4,20 €
l'esquimau: 6,70 €
le cocktail glacé: 10,50 €
la pâtisserie individuelle: 12,20 €
la couronne 6 parfums: 16,80 €

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