Café Pouchkine releases its summer collection 2018

This summer 2018, Café Pouchkine expects us with delicious fruity pastries. Rhubarb tart, peach pavlova, cherry matryoshka, Nina Métayer’s desserts are delicious and very fresh, perfect for the summer!

How about a light pastry for this summer? Pop in Café Pouchkine, who expect to make us forget about the heat with fresh pastries filled with fruits and flavors… To be enjoyed from June 5 to September 24, 2018!

For her 3rd collection at Café Pouchkine, Nina Métayer treats us with fruity desserts that we love. Beside the basic chocolate Napoleon, dulce de leche Médovic and cheesecake Coupole, the pastry chef who joined Café Pouchkine in April 2017 treats us very well with perfect flavors and very fresh products.

Arrived after Julien Alvarez, the young chef had to take over the house classic pastries code. Matryoshka, Tarte Soleil and Pavlova change flavors along the season. This spring, maybe have you tasted raspberry, strawberry, lemon and even poppy, sweetness and sourness are combined for a very spring result.

This summer, Nina Métayer and Patrick Pailler offer you at Café Pouchkine:

Cherry Morello, Almond Matryoshka, €7 to take away (€8.4 on the spot)
Café Pouchkine signature dessert, “a dessert in a dessert within a dessert!”, looks like lovely Russian china dolls. Cutting the matryoshka is a sacred ritual. Take off her hat and go your own way. Cut it in half or start with the head!

This summer, the matryoshka reveals a heart of cherries marinated in a Morello cherry confit, wrapped up with a fromage blanc mousse scented with almond! This dessert is fresh but rather pleasant in the mouth and it will make morello cherry lovers very happy, and it pairs very well with an iced tea.

La collection pâtisserie été 2018 du Café Pouchkine, les photos

Peach and redcurrant pavlova, €7.20 to take away
Pavlova! At Café Pouchkine, Pavlova lovers will be surprised when discovering the flimsy dome of the Café Pouchkine Pavlova. Here, the Swiss meringue melts in the mouth and hides a fresh white peach confit and sour redcurrants. An extreme sweetness invades the mouth and the redcurrant sourness twist the white peach flavors. A delicious treat for a relaxing moment!

La collection pâtisserie été 2018 du Café Pouchkine, les photos

Lemon Tarte Soleil, €7.80 to take away
A sun in your plate. This lemon tart is not new but a true gem we love to eat when summer is here. A fort dome, a colorful corolla with lemon curd and bits of candied lemon, the whole topping a crumble-like shortbread that sweetness the lemon sourness!

La collection pâtisserie été 2018 du Café Pouchkine, les photos

Rhubarb Tarte Soleil, €7.80 to take away
For the summer, Nina Metayer revisits the Tarte soleil that smells like summer, rhubarb. For her Tarte soleil, rhubarb appears in crispy chunks and they taste very soft in the mouth. A whipped ganache with rhubarb, strawberry confit covering a crumble dough expect you. This sun is crispy and gourmet, perfectly balanced, our favorite.

La collection pâtisserie été 2018 du Café Pouchkine, les photos

Cherry panna-cotta, €7 to take away
Café Pouchkine panna-cotta is elegant, sophisticated. Nestled in its almond biscuit (very moist, we could have preferred a meringue that brings some crispiness), the panna-cotta cream is infused with thyme and accompanies a heart made of dark cherry coulis. Delicious, the whole is very creamy and oh-so fresh.

La collection pâtisserie été 2018 du Café Pouchkine, les photos

Macarons, Nathalie and mini-médovic!
To enjoy Café Pouchkine out of Paris, think about the temporary macarons – white peach, grapefruit and vanilla, cherry and verbena and orange blossom – and Nathalie, these small and soft treats with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry-banana, pistachio-Morello cherry and lemon-basil.

La collection pâtisserie été 2018 du Café Pouchkine, les photos

In other words, a very beautiful gourmet and fresh collection you want to taste asap, and why not comfortably seated in the new dream-like spot in Paris Madeleine neighborhood.

Elodie D.
Last updated on 6 June 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 5 June 2018 to 24 September 2018



    16 Place de la Madeleine
    75008 Paris 8

    la matriochka: 7 €
    la panacotta cerise: 7 €
    la pavlova: 7,2 €
    la tarte soleil: 7,8 €

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