Angelina releases its gourmet and generous ice creams for the summer 2019

Maison Angelina releases ice creams for the summer 2019. Generous and very gourmet ice creams to be enjoyed with a delicious old-fashioned chocolate or fresh fruit juice.

Maison Angelina is a Parisian institution. Created in 1903, Maison Angelina historical store is set at 226 rue de Rivoli in Paris. For over a century, this tearoom and delicatessen treats gourmet people, Parisians and tourists.

For the summer 2019, Maison Angelina releases a range of gourmet and very generous ice creams. We went to the very chic address in rue de Rivoli to taste these wonderful sweet treats.

On the menu, 4 summer scoops each more tantalizing than the other. The Coupe Rivoli (meringue, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, hot Angelina chocolate, whipped cream, €13), the Coupe Rumpelmayer (caramelized hazelnuts, Piedmont hazelnut ice cream, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, €14), the Coupe Fraisier (fresh strawberries, strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, red berries coulis, whipped cream, €14).

Angelina - Été 2018Angelina - Été 2018Angelina - Été 2018Angelina - Été 2018

Our (hard) choice went for the Coupe Mont-Blanc (€14) with crispy meringues, a Mont-Blanc ice cream, a delicious vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with candied chestnuts and topped with a light and sweetened whipped cream.

The tasting is a true delight. We accompany the whole with an old-fashioned hot chocolate (€8.2) as famous as the house itself, and a delicate traditional apricot nectar (€6.9), by Angelina.

If you are more into ice cream enjoyed outside, you can also go for the ice creams and sorbets to take away and choose several natural flavors: squeezed lemon, raspberry, pear, mango, strawberry, Mont-Blanc, 72% Grand Cru chocolate, Piedmont hazelnut, vanilla, coffee, salted caramel, pure pistachio from Sicily. To be enjoyed in a cup or a cone!

116 years after its opening, Maison Angelina hasn’t lost its splendor.

Manon C.
Last updated on 27 June 2019

Practical information

Opening Time
From 27 June 2019 to 1 September 2019



    226 Rue de Rivoli
    75001 Paris 1

    2 boules: 8 €
    3 boules: 10,50 €
    Coupe : 13-14 €

    Official website

    01 42 60 82 00

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