Angelina unveils 7 new pastries for the fall/winter 2018

Published by Manon C. · Updated on 30 August 2018 at 11h57 · Published on 30 August 2018 at 11h55
Angelina tea shop presents its new collection for the fall/winter 2018/2019. Let’s tell it right away, you can’t resist it!

Angelina new sweet creations for the fall/winter 2018 will make your heart melt. The tea hope provides from October 3, 2018 to April 2, 2019 a range of new pastries and each is more delicious than the others. All in all, 7 new delicacies to test as soon as possible:

  • The Mont-Blanc speculoos. Angelina pays tribute to its world-famous signature pastry. This new version combines chestnut cream and speculoos. A rather bold choice. The whole is coated with chestnut paste vermicelli and holds a French meringue, whipped cream and a speculoos cream (€7.20 take-away / €9.50 on the spot)

  • The Succès Noisette. A timeless classic of the French pastry that integrates Angelina’s menu. A crispy hazelnut dacquoise with salt flower is topped with hazelnut cream. Inside, a crispy praline and all around, dry fruits. (€6.70 take-away / €9 on the spot)

  • The Délice framboise-pistache. The perfect marriage between a raspberry mousse and a crispy pistachio biscuit and a pistachio cream (€6.90 take-away / €9.20 on the spot)

  • The Merveille nougat-fruits des bois. Under a meringue, a light mousse with nougat touches, enhanced by a fruity heart made of blackberries and blackcurrant. (€6.70 take-away / €9 on the spot)

  • The Trocadéro. A creation mixing a milk chocolate ganache, whipped cream and a hazelnut cookie. The whole is topped with a delicate gold leaf. (€6.90 take-away / €9.20 on the spot)

  • The Tarte noix-caramel. Crispy and caramelized walnuts finely put atop a sugar dough and covered in walnut caramel. (€6.40 take-away / €8.50 on the spot)

  • The Jardin poire-praliné. Thought up by chef Christophe Appert, this pastry is made of a praline cookie, an almond mousse, a pear heart and a fresh pear jelly. (€6.60 take-away / €8.70 on the spot)

How can you not want to taste them all?

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