Advent Calendar 2019 by Palais des Thés

Published by Manon C. · Published on 26 September 2019 at 23h56 · Updated on 20 December 2019 at 11h35
Teas and infusions galore, that’s the Advent Calendar 2019 by Palais des Thés.

If you feel like discovering new teas but fear you buy too much and the tea you bought is actually… not your cup of tea, the perfect thing to do is try several different teas in small quantities. How, you ask?

There’s nothing quite like the Advent Calendar 2019 by Palais des Thés! Every day of December, you can enjoy a different tea, hidden in the window of the calendar.

Inside the box, an assortment of 24 of the most beautiful teas and the most beautiful scented creations of Palais des Thés including Christmas teas, recipes from the Detox, wellness and 100 organic collection, as well as two teas especially created for the Louvre.

Presented in a muslin format with entire leaves, the scented teas and tasty infusions of the Palais des Thés calendar will delight the entire family, if you’re willing to share!

It’s different from the traditional chocolate Advent Calendar and most of all, this lovely blue box will enable you to discover main of Palais des Thés teas and to make your choice for your next tea shopping spree!

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58 Rue du Commerce
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Métro 8 : Commerce
Métro 10 : Charles Michels

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