Bulliz, the choux bun king in Paris 10th arrondissement

Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 14 February 2019 at 17h08
Choux buns and other gougères fans are expected at Bulliz, a cozy restaurant set in Paris 10th arrondissement providing choux buns in all shapes and sizes, from the savory sandwich to more classic desserts… The perfect place for a relaxing break because you choux-rely deserve it…

Here’s an address that will choux-rely delight people… Choux buns lovers can run to Bulliz, the restaurant set in Paris 10th arrondissement, on rue d’Hauteville to discover the mouthwatering menu devoted to this mono-product that is all cute and adorable.

An innovative focusing only on choux buns, from the main course to the dessert, available in a set menu for lunchtime or a brunch version for the weekend. For the main course, we go for one of the different sandwiches called here “Sandwichoux” and made of a long choux bun instead of bread: “Muxu” (Comté cheese and ham), “Chèvre & Chou” (zucchini caviar, cabbage leave and goat’s cheese), “Vrai chou tarien” (for vegans) or “Thon Chou” (lemony tuna rillettes)… The timeless classics are given a twist in a playful and fun way.

Bulliz, le roi du chou dans le 10e arrondissementBulliz, le roi du chou dans le 10e arrondissementBulliz, le roi du chou dans le 10e arrondissementBulliz, le roi du chou dans le 10e arrondissement

For gourmet people, it’s also possible to get the superior range with the “Sandwichou gourmet” such as the “Maki Choushi” (salmon and cream cheese), “Arrivederchou” (mozzarella, pesto, tomato coulis) or even “El Muchachou” (cream cheese, garlic chips, chorizo…).

Finally, for dessert, let’s enjoy the three classic recipes of the house, meaning vanilla, caramel and chocolate but also two seasonal flavors. And for the sweet-toothed foodies, let’s have the Choukie, a cookie based on choux bun dough, the Pralichou, a praline chou or even the classic and timeless chouquettes… An abundance of choux… erm choices! Shall we go there, friends?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 January 2019



    14 Rue d'Hauteville
    75010 Paris 10

    Métro ligne 8 ou 9 station "Bonne Nouvelle".

    le chou, à la pièce: €1
    Menu 1 (grande soupe, gougère nature et boisson): €8.9
    Menu 2 (Sandwichou/soupe ou dessert/boisson): €9.9
    Menu 2 gourmet (Sandwichou gourmet/soupe ou dessert/boisson): €11.9
    Menu 3 (deux sandwichoux et une boisson): €13
    Formule Brunch: €26

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    Ouvert du lundi au mercredi de 9h à 20h, du jeudi au samedi de 9h à 21h et le dimanche de 10h à 17h.

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