Pierre Hermé’s summer 2020 ice creams available for delivery and soon to take away

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 22 June 2020 at 11h11
Pierre Hermé unveils a new ice cream range for summer 2020. Already available for delivery, they will come to stores from June 8, 2020. To be enjoyed to your heart's content.

In Paris, many people are fan of Pierre Hermé, a pastry genius famous for his macarons and his permanent search for new flavors. Good news for sweet-toothed and ice cream lovers, the pastry chef's frozen creation are coming to stores from June 8, 2020. So, what are the flavors likely to chill our taste buds down this summer?

As of today, eight flavors are only available for deliveries to order on the online store. Every year, ice creams are like haute-couture creations, and some recipes may recall some main creations by the macaron master. Among those endlessly tasty creations, we have the Infiniment Chocolat ice cream mixing bitter cocoa and crunchy nougatine, Infiniment Praliné Noisette and the Ultime ice cream with vanilla and dark chocolate.

Pierre Hermé pastry fans will say yes to their frozen version such as the Ispahan Sorbet with rose, raspberry and lychee, the Montebello ice cream with pistachio and strawberry and the Milena ice cream with fresh mint and red berries. Pierre Hermé also unveils his Pêche Melba ice cream with a winning combo: peach, redcurrant and vanilla. A creation that could melt sweet-toothed with happiness: the Caramel French Toast ice cream.

All we need in these so special times!


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Starts 8 June 2020


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