Pierre Hermé’s summer 2019 ice creams

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 11 June 2019 at 18h12 · Updated on 11 June 2019 at 18h28
Every year, Pierre Hermé comes up with new ice cream. For this summer 2019, the pastry chef has decided to go as close as possible to true flavors of fruits and plants in ice creams and sorbets to die for!

We all know Pierre Hermé: the pastry genius who keeps on opening tea houses in Paris and where you can enjoy pastries, teas and delicious ice creams.

Infiniment Vanille, Infiniment Café or Ispahan, we have Pierre Hermé’s major flavors available in a frozen version, but let’s not forget about unique ice creams.

Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019

This summer 2019, Pierre Hermé’s new ice creams work herbs in unique flavors: Pure Origin dark chocolate in the Ultime ice cream, lime-mandarin-basil for the Jardin des Délices sorbet and fresh mint and red berries for the Miléna sorbet.

The texture of the ice creams is great, soft and creamy but they explode in the mouth with fruit flavors: we feel like eating mandarins, strawberries and other delicious fruits but frozen.

Discover the 10 ice creams by Pierre Hermé for the summer 2019:

  • Jardin des Délices ice cream
    Think, a garden of Sicilian mandarins, limes from Mexico and Basil, this is what you’ll have in mouth. If we could think it would be too sour, we’re wrong. The sweetness brought by the softness of the ice cream counterbalances the sensation given by the citrus fruits on the tongue.

  • Ispahan ice cream
    This ice cream is the frozen version of Pierre Hermé’s emblematic recipe: rose, raspberry and litchi. Amateurs know it!

  • Macaron Infiniment Citron ice cream
    Yes, Pierre Hermé recreated his Macaron Infiniment Citron but ice cream version. The sourness of the juice and the bitterness of the zest are counterbalanced by the texture of the almond macaron!

  • Infiniment Fraise sorbet
    Garuguette or Ciflorette strawberries – according to the season – a little bit of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar, that’s the recipe of the strawberry sorbet made by Pierre Hermé.

  • Miléna ice cream
    Red berries, mint and voilà, a fruity summer ice cream.

  • Montebello ice cream
    Montebello, or pistachio by Pierre Hermé: flavorful and sour thanks to bitter almond and strawberry.

  • Infiniment Vanille ice cream
    Infiniment Vanille brings the best of vanilla pods together (Vanilla from Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar). This mix is like eating a very sweet vanilla!

  • Infiniment Praliné Noisette ice cream
    This creation recreates the hazelnut in flavors and textures, it’s one of the most delicious creations of Pierre Hermé with these caramel sprinkles bringing some greedery for the sake of good food.

  • Ultime ice cream
    Pierre Hermé’s favorite flavor, Infiniment Chocolat finds its frozen version with Ultime, a skilled blend of three Pure Origine dark chocolates (Bélize, District de Cayo, Plantation Xibun), mixed with Madagascar vanilla and thin dark chocolate leaves for an explosion of flavors.

  • Infiniment Chocolat ice cream
    If you don’t know about Infiniment Chocolat, this blend of flavors highlights bitter chocolate but with nougatine and cocoa beans, fleur de sel and Sarawak black pepper.

How does it sound?

Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019Les Glaces de Pierre Hermé 2019

Ice creams are available in individual version (160ml) and 940ml containers and as frozen macaron version, the “Miss Gla Gla” and in cups to enjoy at 86 Champs, Pierre Hermé Beaupassage, Pierre Hermé Odéon and Royal Monceau.

Practical information

Opening Time
From 15 April 2019 to 29 September 2019


    Miss Gla'gla: 6,9 €
    pot de 160ml: 7,2 €
    pot de 940ml: 34 €

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