Violetta et Alfredo, the tearoom inspired by the Opera, our pictures

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Published by Laurent P. · Photos by My B., Laurent P. · Published on 30 August 2019 at 14h40 · Updated on 30 August 2019 at 14h51
Opera and pastry lovers are expected at Violetta et Alfredo, a tearoom inspired by Giuseppe Verdi’s famous work, La Traviata. The occasion to enjoy the most musical teatime in Paris!

A genuine travel in time… This is what offers Violetta et Alfredo, a tearoom set in Paris 9th arrondissement, providing different mouthwatering flavored teas, served with desserts and other pastries to die for. A place also serving savory dishes for brunch just to please every foodie and gourmand.

Why Violetta et Alfredo? It’s a reference to Giuseppe Verdi’s famous work, La Traviata, and its two main character, Violetta Valéry and Alfredo Germont. A will expressed by chef Ivan Alvarez who wants to pay tribute to the famous courtesan, Marie Duplessis, also known as Alexandre Dumas son’s lover until he leaves her. A woman that inspired Marguerite Gautier, the main character of one of the most famous works ever, La Dame aux Camélias – that inspired Verdi for La Traviata.

Violetta et Alfredo, le salon de thé inspiré de l'Opéra, nos photos

A tearoom taking us straight to the second act of the Verdi opera, to the lovely country house where Violetta and Alfredo have settled down and lived their loved with sweet treats, everything has been inspired by the greatest operas: you can have some Le Lac des Cygnes [Swan Lake], a delicious chocolate and praline cake served with a meringue swan and custard; or you can fall for the Roi Carotte [Carrot King], a carrot cake inspired by Offenbach’s work, a Casse-Noisette [Nutcracker] which is a praline muffin and custard, or swoon in front of L’Opéra, the famous cake that needs to longer any introduction. As sides, a large range of teas is available for a forte teatime!

Violetta et Alfredo, le salon de thé inspiré de l'Opéra, nos photos

A tearoom the editorial board tried and the opera fans we are loved it! We went for Le Lac des Cygnes, a delicious chocolate and praline cake that was very light and soft in the mouth, served with Sencha green tea from China, marigold flower, rose petals, orange peels, cornflower and bourbon vanilla. So goof. A treat that tells a story, the one of Tchaikovsky's ballet, with a genuine lake of custard and a white swan made of meringue and cream.

Beyond all those delicious treats, we particularly love the china set to eat from and used as the decor, worthy of a literary circle from the 19th century. And as a bonus, opera arias are played in the background for a total immersion.

In other words, the occasion to escape from time for an afternoon or lunch break, let’s go, friends, shall we?

Practical information


30 Rue de Trévise
75009 Paris 9

Métro ligne 7 station "Cadet"

le petit déjeuner: 3,5-14 €
Cakes, muffins et cookies: 4 €
le thé (bio): 4,20 €
entrée (ouverture): 6 €
dessert (finale): 6 €
la part de gâteau: 7,50 €
plat (entracte): 9,2-11 €
Formule déjeuner: 12-15 €
Tea Time, pour une personne: 20 €
le Brunch: 25 €

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Ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 10h à 21h et dimanche de 11h à 19h

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