Hugo & Victor ice creams for the summer 2021

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Published by Elodie D., Manon C. · Photos by My B. · Published on 22 July 2021 at 09h10
Hugo & Victor makes very tasty ice creams! And for this summer 2021, chef Hugues Pouget delivers a dozen ice creams and sorbets including his flagship flavor, the Monzeuma, namely mango-passion fruit sorbet with a mix of soft spices taking him straight to the best ice creams in Paris. Also available in store? Iced rochers and vacherins to share. Come along!

Whoever thinks sunny days… means ice cream season! At Hugo & Victor, chef Hugues Pouget works very hard every year to come up with tomorrow’s ice creams and sorbets. So much that in 10 years, he has come up with over 100 recipes, some never-before-seen for restaurants or hotels, or others available in turns in stores and on the e-store! In addition to flavors, he innovated for always healthier desserts. He then stopped using artificial food dyes, and this year, he signs the end of artificial stabilizers!

In 2021, Hugo & Victor has had to choose again among artisanal ice creams and homemade sorbets to provide in store. On the menu, the greatest classics of the house such as pure origin dark chocolate, Madagascan vanilla, Piedmont Hazelnut praline, Sicilian pistachio, and the now famous salted butter caramel, named best ice cream in Paris 2018.

Also available, fresher and summery flavors such as fresh verbena sorbet, wild raspberry, strawberry with lemon zests, blackberry, yellow lemon, lime, passion fruit, vineyard peach, and signature flavors by chef Hugues Pouget: grapefruit and Montezuma (mango-passion and soft spices). All these ice creams come in container, in one-size for €5.70 or family size for €15.50.

Glaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & Victor

And this is not all since Hugo & Victor also reveals iced rochers to share with your family or friends, topped with Madagascan vanilla ice cream, hazelnut praline, dark chocolate or salted butter caramel and core made of a double meringue disc coated in dark, milk or white chocolate with praline slivers, rocher style. Price: €35 serving 4 to 6 people.

Glaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & Victor

The same indulgence comes with the iced vacherins coming in two flavors of sorbets or ice creams, dry fruits or fresh fruits, topped with a meringue disc: raspberry-vanilla and apricot-verbena fresh from Loiret. Moreover, for curious people and vegans, the Chef has come up with a plant-based vacherin free from animal-origin ingredients based on vineyard peach and almond sorbet, and the cake also features plant-based meringue and whipped cream! Price: €45 serving 4 to 6 people.

Glaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & VictorGlaces Hugo & Victor

Are you drooling already? Wait for it! Rummaging about the e-store, we have found some cappuccino ice cream, and Saint-Germain® Sorbet – some elderflower syrup liqueur, very light and floral. They are not available in store as they lack space, but will be perfect in our freezers.

You get it, Hugues Puget made many iced desserts as good for your taste buds as your health! A wonderful initiative for France’s dessert champion 2003!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 21 May 2021



    40 Boulevard Raspail
    75007 Paris 7


    Pot 165mL: €5.7
    Pot 550mL: €14.9

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