Jean-Paul Hévin’s new ice creams for the summer 2021

Published by Manon C. · Published on 4 June 2021 at 09h22
Whether you are more into fruity vacherins or original ice cream on a stick, you will find something to delight your taste buds at Jean-Paul Hévin’s all summer 2021 around.

Chocolate maker Jean-Paul Hévin has just dropped his new ice cream collection summer 2021 and it has us drool. This year, Jean-Paul Hévin presents the Exquis Momos, sorbets, homemade ice cream coated in chocolate by Maison Hévin.

Four flavors are available this summer 2021:

  • Madagascar: Almond-chestnut cake, vanilla ice cream, Madagascan bourbon vanilla, Grand Cru Madagascar 64% dark chocolate, caramelized almond sticks

  • Passion: Almond-chestnut cake, mango sorbet, passion-chocolate coating, slightly roasted and salted chopped pistachios 

  • Cacao: Almond-chestnut cake, cocoa sorbet, dipped in Grand Cru d’Equateur 70% dark chocolate

  • Caramel: Almond-chestnut cake, caramel ice cream, dipped in milk chocolate, fleur de sel and caramelized almonds 

To enjoy by the piece (€3.70) or in a box of 5 Exquis Momos (€18.5) for really big appetites!

And this year, we are also provided with 2 fruity vacherins by JP Hévin, perfect to beautifully wrap up a family meal. These vacherins are made of homemade ice cream coated with vanilla whipped cream and topped off with crunchy meringue.

Two new flavors to choose: strawberry-yuzu and cherry-pistachio. But other flavors from the past years are still available: cocoa, vanilla-strawberry, and vanilla-blackcurrant. Allow €38 the vacherin serving 8 and €27 serving 5 foodies.

New this summer 2021 as well, homemade froyo made to order (€5). Furthemore, you can custom your froyo in store adding toppings to your liking: raspberry coulis, caramel or chocolate/almonds or meringues! Careful though, as other Hévin treats for the summer 2021 are available in all Paris stores, froyos are only available at Chocolate Bar(re), 41 rue de Bretagne, in Parsi 3rd arrondissement.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 3 June 2021



    231, Rue Saint-Honoré
    75001 Paris 1

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