Babka Zana and Glazed present mouthwatering ice creams for the summer 2021

Published by Manon C. · Published on 10 May 2021 at 13h47
If you love Babka Zana’s babkas, then wait until you discover the brand-new frozen babka and their ice creams created for the summer 2021 in partnership with Glazed!

Spring has sprung, sun is out, and it is getting warmer, and there is no better excuse not to enjoy… an ice cream, of course!

Looking for an original ice cream, something other than the traditional cone or cup? Well, do not think twice and run to Babka Zana. Yes, for the summer 2021, the babka-specialized patisserie gets original and presents its new frozen babka, created in partnership with ice cream maker Glazed!

Inspired by ice-cream sandwich, these frozen babkas are made to order, in front of you. It is simple, pick your favorite babkaroll (chocolate-hazelnut, pistachio-orange blossom) and have it heartily filled with soft ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, it is all very good since Sarah Amouyal and Emmanuel Murat chose to call in Glazed and went for thina-chocolate ice cream, natural and homemade, churned daily. Price: €6.50.

Babka Zana et Glazed sortent des glaces gourmandes pour l'été 2021

And that is not all! Babka Zana also unveils Babka Sundae made with chocolate-hazelnut or pistachio-orange blossom babka infused ice cream. The whole is topped with sauce: A La Mère de Famille spread sauce for the first one, pistachio and orange blossom sauce for the second one, and topped with babka croutons, chopped hazelnuts or pistachio. Super mouthwatering, you say?  Price: €6.

Last but not least, Babka Zana provides foodies to enjoy babka infused ice cream brillantly made by Glazed for the summer 2021. Inside, chopped hazelnuts, tasty chocolate sauce. A genuine babka but ice cream stylePrice: €9.90 the 350ml container, €3.50 the scoop at Glazed!

Here are original ice cream treats to nibble on as many times as you wish all summer 2021 long in Paris.

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Starts 15 May 2021



    65 Rue Condorcet
    75009 Paris 9

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