Gourmandises Raisonnées, Pierre Hermé’s latest pastries with fewer calories

Published by Manon C. · Published on 15 May 2021 at 09h13
To treat yourself without feeling guilty, you can trust Pierre Hermé unveiling, starting April 6, his Gourmandises Raisonnées, namely new and light pastries!

You are really wanting to get this summer body for this coming summer (provided we can go on vacations), but also want to treat yourself to all the wonders the patisseries in Paris have in store… Well, Pierre Hermé has got you covered!

As a matter of fact, starting April 6, Paris foodies will be able to discover – in the famous pastry chef’s Parisian stores – the Gourmandises Raisonnées, namely new pastries by Pierre Hermé but with fewer calories.

In partnership with Maison Valrhona pastry chef Frédéric Bau, Pierre Hermé has come up with these Gourmandises Raisonnées. Without leaving flavors, tastes, and textures out, these light pastries are made with less white sugar and fat, based on natural ingredients.

All in all, two iconic recipes by maison Hermé and two novelties are to be discovered in stores starting April 6. Starting with classics, discover the light versions of the Tarte Infiniment Citron and the Tarte Infiniment Vanille. As for novelties, fall for the Chou Orphéo and the Constellation creation!

  • Tarte Infiniment Vanille: the shortbread has been entirely revisited without gluten, and the amount of egg yolk has been cut down in the cookie, four has been replaced with semi wholemeal rice flour, cornstarch and potato starch, ganache and mascarpone have been swapped with a preparation based on fat-free milk, egg whites, white sugar, chicory fibers and pectin worked in two textures.
    Price: serving one: €10; serving 4: €45; serving 8: €80.
    Caloric intake: 250 kcal.

  • Tarte Infiniment Citron: the smooth cream contrasts with the crunch of the gluten-frr sugar dough, and the “fresh” lemony “marshmallow” called here cloud for how light it is.
    Price: serving one: €10; serving 4: €45; serving 8: €80.
    Caloric intake: 243 kcal.

  • Chou Orphéo: the chocolate cream is made of chocolate and fat-free milk whipped like a whipped cream, smooth praline cream is based on starched water and Piedmont hazelnut praline. The choux pastry includes hazelnut oil instead of butter to enhance the taste of hazelnut.
    Price: €10.
    Caloric intake: 279 kcal.

  • Constellation: this is an ode to strawberry worked three ways: whole, mousse, crémeux. Hints of orange and green cardamom with lemony notes delicately enhance and season the red berry, while the honey and olive oil cake soften it all. The traditional glaze has been replaced by an indulging, fruity veil very low in sugar and just a tad spicy.
    Price: €10.
    Caloric intake: 100 kcal.

Get a pastry without feeling guilty!

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    75006 Paris 6

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