Pierre Hermé releases a collection of Japanese pastries for the summer 2021

Published by Manon C. · Published on 3 June 2021 at 13h39
For the summer 2021, Pierre Hermé unveils a collection of pastries likely to delight Japan and Japanese flavor fans. Available in stores starting from June 7, 2021!

A few weeks after uncovering his Gourmandises Raisonnées collection low in sugar and calories, pastry chef Pierre Hermé makes the most of sunny days to present his summer collection available in stores from June 7, 2021, and all summer long.

And for his new collection, Pierre Hermé was inspired by his love for Japan, imagining unexpected mixes, sometimes shapes as an iconic cake from French pastry in Japan, or a traditional pastry which flavors are an ode to the Japanese culture.

In Japan, pastries are created with seasons, and they are traditionally enjoyed with tea to soften the bitterness of matcha. For this collection, I tried to show the excellence, the aesthetics and the perfection of Japanese people through shapes, flavors and uncommon textures”, the chef states.

Matcha green tea, Kôchi yuzu, black sesame, azuki, and even rice As many new flavors used in Pierre Hermé’s pastries.

  • Mochis: Pierre Hermé reinterprets these small balls of sticky rice dough usually stuffed with azuki, coming in ice cream version with the house’s fetish flavors, black sesame, yuzu, and the iconic Ispahan flavors.
    Price: €28 the box of 6 mochis

  • Jardin Japonais: As an evocation of the Japanese gardens in the spring with blossoming cherry trees, the pastry chef imagines a lemon cake stuffed with Morello cherry compote twisted with Tonka bean and lemon to taste like the flower.
    Price: individual size: €10 / Serving 3-4: €49 / Serving 6-8: €79

  • Jardin Japonais ice cream: By mixing the sourness of the Morello cherry to the bitterness of lemon zest and Tonka bean, Pierre Hermé once again recreates the flavors of Sakura.
    Price: 160ml (5.41 us_oz) jar: €7.20

  • Tarte Aka: A special fruit tart based on sweet shortcrust pastry, wild strawberry confit, strawberry-soaked cake, shiso cream, fresh wild strawberries.
    Price: individual size: €10 / Serving 3-4: €49 / Serving 6-8: €79

  • Cheesecake Dépaysé: Pierre Hermé’s signature cheesecake twisted with cream cheese, matcha green tea, and azuki bean paste, seasoned with a mix of rice vinegar, ginger and lime zests.
    Price: individual size: €10 / Serving 6: €79

  • Shortcake Ispahan: Traditional Japanese cake, shortcake is included in the collection with a blend of Ispahan flavors: Castella cake, rose petal cream, raspberry and lychee confit.
    Price: individual size: €10 / Serving 6: €79

  • Roll-Cake Azur: Iconic Japanese pastry inspired by the Occident, the roll-cake is a must in the Country of the Rising Sun. Pierre Hermé comes with a puffed cake serving pure origin Madagascan chocolate and Kôchi yuzu.
    Price: individual size: €10 / Serving 6: €79

  • Tarte Infiniment Yuzu: A pie based on sweet shortcrust pastry, Kôchi yuzu cream and jelly, Kôchi yuzu confit, and Infiniment Yuzu whipped cream.
    Price: individual size: €10 / Serving 3-4: €49 / Serving 6-8: €79

Enjoy these very exotic treats!

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Starts 7 June 2021



    72 Rue Bonaparte
    75006 Paris 6

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