Mille & Un: Korean bakery, patisserie and tearoom in Paris

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Published by Caroline J. · Photos by Caroline J. · Updated on 18 November 2021 at 12h30 · Published on 16 November 2021 at 17h12
If you love culinary journey, then head to Mille & Un. Open since 2019 in Paris 6th arrondissement, this delicious Korean bakery and patisserie also works as a tearoom. Shall we take you on a tour?

There are some venues in Paris that undoubtedly are an invitation to travel. This is the case of Mille & Un. Nestled in Paris 6th arrondissement since 2019, this place takes you straight to South Korea for you to discover sweet and savory specialties you might fall in love with once you have tasted them.

Behind this convivial and very scrumptious place stands Seo Yongsang. Baker chef running Grenier à Pain in Paris for 10 years, he wanted to open a unique place paying tribute to the friendship between France and Korea. Behind the Mille & Un windows, enjoy a nice range of breads and baguettes (tradition, cereals, sesame…). And you can trust him since Seo Yongsang has been awarded the 8th award of the best baguette 2013 in Paris. But may sweet-toothed foodies be rest assured, Mille & Un will also delight your taste buds with viennoiseries and pastries mixing both cultures.

Mille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photos

Starting with France, you have flan, apple tarts, lemon pies, mille-feuille, or the irresistible Paris-Brest, without forgetting a strawberry croissant! A must to enjoy at any time of the day.

But many people come to Mille & Un to enjoy Korean specialties such as Patpain, a brioche bun stuffed with kidney bean paste, Goroke (a savory specialty based on ground meat, potato, carrot, onions and curry sauce), or the famous matcha or black sesame rolls – the house’s best-sellers.

We loved the “Saeng Cream”. Do not trust its heartiness, this cake is actually very light and delicious with very thin slices of fruits, delicately placed between each layer of sponge cake and mousseline cream. Such a delicious treat! For a break just as light and still as indulging, fall for the matcha or black sesame madeleines, the latest novelty by Mille & Un, very addictive with its glazing!

Mille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photos

To pair these treats, head to the tearoom area, at the back of the bakery. The occasion to enjoy one of the many beverages of the place such as caramel Macchiato, Korean green tea, Omija tea, ginger tea, hot chocolate, or matcha latte, or a delicious black sesame latte we highly recommend!

Mille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photosMille & Un, nos photos

Note that Mille & Un also serves sandwiches, Bibimbap and salads for lunch.

After all this, you can definitely say your culinary journey to South Korea was a success and you want to do it again.

So, thank you, Mille & Un, for such a delicious break and see you very soon because rumor has it a new place – a café – is to soon open in Paris. To be continued!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 16 November 2021



    32 Rue Saint-Placide
    75006 Paris 6

    Patpain crème: €3.5
    Goroké: €3.5
    Flan: €3.5
    Croissant aux fraises: €3.5
    Tarte au citron: €4.5
    Matcha Latte: €5
    Latte sésame: €5
    Paris-Brest: €5
    Chocolat chaud: €5
    Saeng Cream: €6

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    Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 7h30 à 20h00

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