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Yule logs 2017 by Fauchon

Published on 25 September 2017 By Caroline J.
Noël 2017 Fauchon

Practical information

From 4 December 2017
To 24 December 2017

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30, Place de la Madeleine
75008 Paris 8

120 euros (Pour 6/8 personnes)

A retrouver dans les magasins Fauchon Paris

This year, Fauchon offers to treat your taste buds thanks to the very first yule log imagined by new pastry chef François Daubinet.

Minuit [Midnight]: here’s the very evocative name of the new gourmet collection offered by Fauchon for the Holidays 2017.

In addition to the delicious savory creations by catering chef Sébastien Monceaux, the famous Maison Fauchon will delight you too with its new yule log.

This year is a very first with the arrival of the young pastry chef François Daubinet.

The latter worked twice as hard for his very first yule log and offers a sublime and exquisite log.

Proof of it with this log set in the heart of a magenta chocolate bark, shiny in the inside, pearl white, textured and scratched on the outside.

In terms of flavors, this log is made of a smooth cream with vanilla from Tahiti. To this, add a juniper berry cream and a Genoa bread soaked with a light lemon syrup and gin, a kumquat compote and a crispy almond biscuit.

To please your eyes, the pastry chef came up with tiny window-dressing rolls with a vanilla and juniper berry jelly and pretty chunks of candied kumquat.

This yule log for 6 to 8 persons costs €120.

And that’s not all since Fauchon also offers a 3-mini yule log set:

Noël 2017 Fauchon

Marron-Poire [Chestnut-Pear]
On a chestnut biscuit covered in a chestnut cream with just a dash of whiskey, are scattered poached pear pieces with vanilla and chestnut slivers.

Carrémenchoc [Realchocolate]
Cake made of crispy dark chocolate topped with a moist 67% chocolate biscuit surrounding a light 64% dark chocolate mousse. A Manjari dark chocolate cream brings freshness and red berries sourness.

Vanille-Fruits rouges [Vanilla-red berries]
Based on a whipped smooth vanilla cream and biscuits with various textures: almond streusel, gooey lemon-bergamot pound cake and almond biscuit. In its molten heart, we discover a raspberry and strawberry compote as well as blackberry, blueberry and fresh raspberry.

3-mini yule log set: €11
Available from December 4 to 22, 2017

Finally, let yourself be tempted by the Baby Choc, biscuits in the shape of Santa Claus’ knit cap with many flavors.

Noël 2017 Fauchon

Baby Choc Magenta
On a crispy crumble biscuit and a whipped milk chocolate ganache, the knit cap is filled with a light milk chocolate mousse and a creamy 46% chocolate cream on a chocolate biscuit.
Baby Choc Magenta: €12

Baby Choc Argent
A moist biscuit covered in a smooth vanilla cream and a strawberry and raspberry compote. The knit cap is made of white chocolate and filled with a fromage blanc and vanilla from Tahiti mousse and a red berries compote.
Baby Choc Argent: €12

Baby Choc Or
Biscuit topped with a smooth Fauchon dark chocolate mousse filled with hazelnut praline. The knit cap is filled with a light dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse with a creamy dark chocolate heart.
Baby Choc Or: €12

Baby Choc available from December 4 to 24, 2017

Practical information:
Yule log 2017 by Fauchon
Yule log available from December 18 to 24, 2017
Maison Fauchon
Log rate: €120 for 6 to 8 persons – €12 for the individual version
(available from December 4 to 24, 2017)

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