Yule Log and Christmas éclairs 2017 by Christophe Adam from L’Éclair de Génie

This year, Christophe Adam works twice as hard by creating his very first yule log that will delight praline lovers. Regarding the timeless éclairs, the pastry chef unveils a beautiful and exquisite box containing 10 mini éclairs as well as his delicious Christmas 2017 éclair!

For the Holidays 2017, Christophe Adam from L’Éclair de Génie came up with numerous small creations that will fulfill children’s and adults’ taste buds.

Mini éclairs, Christmas éclair, chocolate bonbons, chocolate dwarves, chocolate wafers without forgetting his very first yule log!

Let’s start with the 10 éclairs box in small version. If we literally melt for those with caramel mascarpone cream, and pistachio cream, the other also have their share of delicious surprises.

  • Bright pink: raspberry mascarpone cream
  • Orange: passion fruit cream
  • Yellow: yuzu cream
  • Green: Italian pistachio cream
  • Blue: vanilla cream
  • White: coconut cream
  • Black: Tainori 64% chocolate cream
  • Burgundy: blackcurrant mascarpone cream
  • Violet: caramel mascarpone cream
  • Red: strawberry mascarpone cream

Noël 2017 Eclair de Génie

Rates: €27 the box of 10 Lunch éclairs

Still in terms of éclairs, Christophe Adam releases his Christmas 2017 éclair. Displaying a lovely striped design, this new éclair contains a delicious lime cheesecake mousse and raspberry confit.

Noël 2017 Eclair de Génie

€6 each

But let’s talk about the yule log, Christophe Adam and his Éclair de Génie’s very first Christmas cake!

Charming because of its design, the log is very seductive because of its taste: a moist praline cream and a delicious crispy base, the whole enhanced by caramelized peanuts and hazelnuts.

Noël 2017 Eclair de Génie

Yule Log 2017 by Christophe Adam
New Guinea vanilla mousse, creamy hazelnut praline, crispy praline and hazelnut dacquoise. Caramelized peanuts and hazelnuts décor.

The cake for 6 persons: €42

Christophe Adam could have stopped here but the Pastry chef also offers – for cacao lovers – a whole range of sweets like these new chocolate bonbons.

  • Blanc Coco (white coconut): dark chocolate, coconut praline
  • Gris Cacahuète (grey peanut): dark chocolate, peanut praline
  • Cuivre Noisette (copper hazelnut): milk chocolate, hazelnut praline
  • Bleu Caramel Chocolat (blue chocolate caramel): dark chocolate, chocolate caramel
  • Jaune Passion (yellow passion): dark chocolate, passionfruit caramel
  • Rose Framboise (pink raspberry): milk chocolate, raspberry caramel
  • Bronze Caramel beurre sale (bronze salted butter caramel): milk chocolate, salted butter caramel
  • Vert Pécan (pecan green): milk chocolate, pecan and almond praline

Box of 9 chocolate bonbons – €12
Box of 16 chocolate bonbons – €19
Box of 25 chocolate bonbons – €29

Noël 2017 Eclair de Génie

Discover the 7 chocolate dwarves:

  • P’tit Coquin (red): white chocolate, crispy raspberry
  • P’tit Malin (yellow): white chocolate, crispy passionfruit
  • P’tit Ronchon (green): white chocolate, chopped pistachios
  • P’tit Taquin (grey): dark chocolate, mini dark croustibilles
  • P’tit Gourmand (copper): milk chocolate, mini milk croustibilles
  • P’tit Voyou (blue): milk chocolate, peta zetas
  • P’tit Chenapan (white): white chocolate, mini white croustibilles

85gr dwarf – €10
200gr dwarf – €19

Finally, let yourself be tempted by the small crispy and crunchy balls coated with smooth chocolate:

  • Chocolate – strawberry
  • Chocolate – pistachio
  • Chocolate – raspberry
  • Chocolate – mixed berries

Noël 2017 Eclair de Génie

Practical information:
Christmas 2017 by Christophe Adam
Available for the Holidays 2017
Éclair de Génie stores

Caroline J.
Last updated on 20 September 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 1 December 2017 to 25 December 2017


    Bûche pour 6 personnes: 42 €

    Recommended age
    For all

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