Valentine’s Day 2018 in Paris by Ladurée

Brace yourself because you’re about to live a Valentine’s Day 2018 full of good food thanks to the legendary Maison Ladurée. This year, the talented Claire Heitzler offers us a collection likely to please tea lovers (and just lovers!).

For this Valentine’s Day 2018, thanks to Claire Heitzler’s talent, Maison Ladurée celebrates love and expects this celebration to be full of tenderness and good food because it’s not like it’s every day!

Saint Valentin 2018 chez Ladurée 

The Déclaration d’Amour [Declaration of Love] entremets is a true ode to sweet feelings and treats. A lovely heart to share with your loved one and Cupid’s mischievous arrow is right on the mark, be ready to have your heart melt. Especially if you love chocolate as much as your partner! A smooth chocolate biscuit, a hazelnut praline puff pastry, a passion caramel and a Manjari chocolate mousse known for its red berries sour touches, are topped with cream. The whole is decorated with white chocolate hearts and this famous arrow displaying the most vibrant red. The hardest part is to share it!

Saint Valentin 2018 chez Ladurée

Who says Ladurée obviously says… Macaroons! And for this Valentine’s Day 2018, the prestigious Maison offers creations that take you on a sweet and delicate cloud. Two new limited-edition boxes are given. Sparkling like diamonds, they are called Shiny Love. The “Coffret Bijou” [Jewel Box] contains 6 assorted macaroons and will be available in stores. On the contrary, the large box of 12 macaroons is available online.

Saint Valentin 2018 chez Ladurée

But, it’s not the only “macaroon-y” surprise! The most romantic lovers will literally fall for the Joséphine Tea Heart-shaped Macaroon that looks like a pink heart. Inside, a chocolate ganache infused with Ladurée Joséphine tea enchants taste buds with its citrus fruits and jasmine notes. A temptation that you don’t have the heart on resisting.

Saint Valentin 2018 chez Ladurée

With the “Coffret Louise” [Louise Box] we finish like we started: with a chocolatey note! This sweet pink box reveals 12 chocolates that will delight theine lovers since they all are infused with Ladurée teas. 3 of them taste like citrus fruits, rose and black tea honey, emblematic of the Maison, the Marie-Antoinette tea. 3 others flatter the taste buds with a flavor we’re most likely to wake up with, I’m speaking of Earl Grey. And 3 others pay tribute to Joséphine tea with its mischievous notes of grapefruit, tangerine, orange and lemon, sweetened by the tenderness of jasmine. Finally, the last 3 offer sweet dreams since they bear the enchanting smell of the Mille et une nuits tea [A Thousand and One Nights] that we recognize from thousands thanks to its rose, its mint, its orange blossom and its ginger coming straight from Arabian tales.

Practical information:
Valentine’s Day 2018 by Ladurée 
Déclaration d’Amour Entremets: €19 for 2 persons
Available from February 7, 2018
Shiny Love Macaroon box
Coffret Bijou (6 macaroons): €18.20
12 macaroons box (available online only): €32 
Available from January 24, 2018
Joséphine tea heart-shaped macaroon: €2.10 per piece
Available from January 24, 2018
Louise chocolate box (12 chocolate bonbons): €16.50
Available from January 24, 2018

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Last updated on 4 January 2018

Practical information


75, Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris 8

Macaron Coeur Joséphine: 2,10 €
Coffret Chocolat Louise (12 pièces): 16,50 €
Coffrets Macarons Shiny Love (6 pièces): 18,20 €
Entremets Déclaration d'Amour (2 personnes): 19 €
Coffrets Macarons Shiny Love (12 pièces): 32 €

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