The best ice creams in Paris this summer 2018

Summer is here and so is the heat the ice cream craving. In Paris, several ice cream makers offer uncommon and surprising ice creams: magnum, frozen desserts, ice creams on order, milkshakes, summer has never felt so cool.

Gourmet people are about to be over the moon! Do not fear the heat because we decided to offer you the best of ice creams in Paris! This year, ice creams are surprising and worthy of chemists, personalized and almost magical at the same time, they are created by passionate people setting up new methods, without forgetting pastry chefs joining in to offer true frozen desserts!

Here is the best ice creams in Paris this summer 2018:

Melba GlacierMelba Glacier
In Paris, at Melba Glacier, ice creams and sorbets of the best ice cream makers in France await you. 48 natural flavors of your choice, including some vegan ones!

Nitrogénie, la glace à l'azote liquide, débarque à ParisNitrogénie and its ice creams made of liquid nitrogen Nitrogénie took over France thanks to its groundbreaking concept: a liquid nitrogen deep-frozen ice cream! In just a few seconds, the single cream is deep-frozen and becomes an ice cream with an original flavor. At Nitrogénie, flavors are strong and the show is incredible!

Une glace à ParisUne Glace à Paris and its frozen desserts by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier and World pastry champion Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Ménard decided to open an ice cream temple in Paris. We crave for their milkshakes, frozen vacherins and millefeuilles without forgetting ice creams served in their smart tea room!

Les meilleures glaces de l'été 2017 à ParisLa Maison Senoble and its French ice creams After opening a pastry shop in January 2017, La Maison Senoble opens not one but two ice cream shop in Paris! This is the occasion to discover their French ice creams with fresh and very natural flavors.

Raimo, Lait d'amande, Citron BasilicRaimo and its almond milk-based ice creams (gluten-free) Raimo is one of the most popular ice creams. Almond milk, basil and lemon sorbet will please gluten-free ice cream amateurs. Between us, this is one of the best ice creams in Paris!

Bac à Glace, Sorbet MangueLe Bac à Glaces and its original sorbets Let’s go the Le Bac à Glaces, an ice cream shop located rue du Bac to discover many original ice creams such as the lemon-basil sorbet or the apricot-ginger sorbet!

Glazed, le glacier branché, inaugure sa première boutique à ParisGlazed and its frozen cocktails Glazed is THE ice cream maker in Paris thanks to original creations including the Highway to ale (a dark beer-based ice cream), Mojito de Tokyo sorbet (Rum, Lemon, Mint) and Orange Mécanique (orange, Campari, balsamic reduction).

Bûche de Noël glacée 2014 by AmorinoAmorino and its flower ice creams Amorino is one of Paris best known ice cream makers with its flower-shape ice creams. Offering about 30 natural flavors, Amorino ice creams will please you all!

Les meilleures glaces de l'été 2017 à ParisLa Fabrique Givrée and its daring ice creams Mixing know-how and a rock-solid creativity, La Fabrique Givrée is coming to Paris on July 1, 2017, rue Soufflot. Sweet treats are made of surprises!


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Last updated on 6 July 2018

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