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Stoney Clove Bakery, American pastries in Paris

Published on 3 May 2017 By My B.
Stoney Clove Bakery

Practical information

71 Rue Greneta
75002 Paris 2

3 euros (le cookie)
5 euros (pudding)
6 euros (apple pie)

Stoney Clove Bakery is the new pastry shop in the 2nd arrondissement offering the whole range of American treats in full heart of Paris. Cakes, cookies, pies, puddings... Give your day a lift!

You like brownies, sponge cakes, puddings, cookies or pies? Coming up! In Rue Greneta, Paris 2nd arrondissement, Stoney Clove Bakery, a small pastry shop is opening. You can now taste transatlantic pastries in Paris.

Pastry chef Beth Beji and filmmaker Philip Andelman became associates to create this US Pastry Embassy. Add the American female patissier Cassandra Choi trained at Ferrandi school, and here is a wonderful team to create gourmet treats.

"Here, it is not about eccentric glazing or unnecessary ingredients. We want to return to the basics and convey in one bite the emotion I experienced with these cakes in the USA."

Stoney Clove Bakery

Pastel colors, lamps made in USA, the décor has nothing to do with French pastry shops. At the corner of the lively rue des Petits Carreaux, you can get your fill.

Stoney Clove Bakery

Cookies are gooey on the inside, crunchy on the outside and 100% natural. Chocolate chip, peanut butter and cherry, white chocolate and brown butter or what about the M&M version? The choice is yours!

Stoney Clove Bakery

You can also choose the famous big tasty American cakes with various flavors and colors. All the ingredients come from the United States and everything is cooked on the spot for fresh and delightful cakes.

Stoney Clove Bakery

Puddings are to die for and cinnamon lovers will be happy with the apple pies! All you have to do, friends, is to let yourself be tempted. You will not be disappointed, it is so yummy!

Stoney Clove Bakery

Practical information:
Stoney Clove Bakery 
71, rue Greneta, 75002 Paris

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