Maison Aleph: the Levantine bakery by Myriam Sabet in Paris

Hey sweet treats lovers, stop what you are doing and head to Paris 4th arrondissement to discover Maison Aleph Paris. The place offers a whole range of delightful pastries mixing traditional Levantine ingredients and know-how from the contemporary French pastry-making.

Sweet tooth people have their new pastry temple. Hidden a few meters from Christophe Michalak’s pastry shop, Maison Aleph Paris has everything to please gourmets’ taste buds looking for new tastes.

Behind this new address, open from Saturday July 8, 2017, there is the story of a woman: Myriam Sabet. Now living in Paris, Myriam grew up for 10 years in Aleppo, Syria, discovering then the Levantine flavors: Damask rose, lemonade, jasmine and halva… flavors we can find today in her very first Parisian shop. The concept? Offering creations reminding of her childhood flavors and sharing this taste heritage with as many people as possible.

To do so, Myriam Sabet got her NVQ in patisserie before flying to Montreal to learn from a Syrian master who taught her incredible ancestral techniques.

Maison Aleph : pâtisserie levantine signée Myriam Sabet à Paris

After two years of searches, Myriam Sabet is happy to unveil her lovely and delightful pastries inspired by Levantine specialties and French know-how, the whole is cooked with thoroughly selected ingredients (PDO butter from Charentes-Poitou, Norman cream…).

This pretty shop, decorated by Eloise Bosredon, contains many pastries such as the famous “Nids” (nests). This tradition is revisited in a pastry version (filled with cream or candied fruits, topped with whipped cream), and in a voyage version (filled with dried fruit jelly, candied fruits, coffee or chocolate). Based on the famous thin noodle threads, the kadaif, molded and cooked in clarified butter, these “nests” are to be eaten with different flavors: lemon-cardamom, mango-jasmine, fromage blanc-Damask rose, chocolate-sumac

Maison Aleph : pâtisserie levantine signée Myriam Sabet à Paris

For the voyage version, pistachio from Iran, almond, orange blossom, hazelnut from Piedmont and arabica coffee are given pride of place.

Maison Aleph’s other specialty? The “1001 feuilles” (1001 layers), a loose and contemporary interpretation of the famous baklawa, containing in its golden filo pastry a flavored dry fruit cream. Let’s talk about flavors, the choice is wide: white sesame and halva, peanut and arak, hazelnut from Piedmont and lemon, walnut from Périgord and cinnamon, pistachio from Iran and orange blossom

Maison Aleph : pâtisserie levantine signée Myriam Sabet à Paris

Finally, Maison Aleph also offers bars inspired by the traditional cereal bars. Here, bars combine the crunch of the kadaif with almond, sunflower seeds and dried fruits for the base. The whole is covered in pure origin chocolate.

Several flavors are available: milk chocolate and hazelnuts from Piedmont, apricot and candied citron, or what about the dark chocolate with pistachio from Iran and crystallized bitter orange?

To taste on the spot or to take away, these pastries are sold in lovely packages thought up by Romain Chirat who drawn his inspiration from the floor of Aleppo Castle dating from the Umayyad Caliphate to create Maison Aleph visual image.

Maison Aleph : pâtisserie levantine signée Myriam Sabet à Paris

The icing on the cake is that Maison Aleph respects seasons. This summer, the pastry shop offers two gelato flavors: yoghurt and Damask rose.

Maison Aleph : pâtisserie levantine signée Myriam Sabet à Paris

To quench your thirst, Myriam Sabet advises you homemade drinks such as the lemonade made with Amalfi lemons or the Damask rose water.

Anyway, we literally succumbed to these pastries which flavors invite us to a unique sensory and taste travel. So, when are you going?

Practical information:
Maison Aleph Paris – open from Saturday July 8, 2017 
20 rue de la Verrerie
Open from Wednesday to Friday, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


  • Pastries: from €2.10 each
  • Box of 4 pastries: €8.40
  • Box of 6 “1001 feuilles”: €12
  • Box of 12 “1001 feuilles”: €23
  • Box of 18 “1001 feuilles”: €33
  • Box of 9 “Nids”: €17
  • Box of 16 “Nids”: €29
  • Box of 25 “Nids”: €47
  • Chocolate bars: €3.10 each
  • Ice creams: €3.50 or €5
  • Drinks: €3.50
Caroline J.
Last updated on 5 July 2017

Practical information


20 Rue de la Verrerie
75004 Paris 4

la patisserie: 2,10 €
la boisson: 3,50 €
la glace: 3,50 €

Recommended age
For all

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