Il Gelato del Marchese: exceptional artisan ice creams

Published by Manon C., Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 4 August 2021 at 17h57
Il Gelato del Marchese is not only elegant, it also offers very delicious ice creams with surprising flavors. From classic flavors to more surprising ones, Il Gelato del Marchese frozen treats will make your heart melt. Here, it is all about Italian know-how to delight your eyes and taste buds.

A spotless white façade catches your eyes. And when you come in Il Gelato del Marchese you feel like in Italian Renaissance. Created by an Italian marquis couple, this elegance ice cream parlor set in Paris 6th arrondissement aims at disclosing the best of soft serves. And to get an opinion, just have a look at the multicolored pints laying before your greedy eyes, clashing with the cream color and the gold decorations adorning the store.

On one side of the glass case, we have ice creams. The most famous one being the one flavored with Iranian pistachio, that is a wonder. But to be honest, the one with Piedmont hazlenut (perfectly smooth), the one based on Greek yogurt (so delicate), the Madagascan Bourbon vanilla one (shy at first, it reveals all its flavors later in the mouth), or the coffee one (strong and sharp like an espresso shot), and the Croccante Fiorentino (honey-caramelized hazelnuts, almonds, sesame) won our hearts as well as they were just as delicious and light.

Il Gelato del Marchese Il Gelato del Marchese Il Gelato del Marchese Il Gelato del Marchese

And we also have sorbets, and what sorbets we have! Lemon and mint (super fresh and perfect on hot summer days), Blueberry (surprising mix of softness and smoothness), Mango (sweet and tasting like the fruit)... But the best ice-cream award goes to the Passion fruit sorbet, full of pep, slightly sour, and with passion fruit seeds that crunch in the mouth!

We also have classic flavors, other and more unusual flavors that may trigger your curiosity: ParmigianoGorgonzolaBasil Tomato, and even... Foie Gras! Surprising ice cream flavors for a ice cream parlor, but we assure you they are worth it!

We shall say that at Il Gelato del Marchese, flavors are the outcome of a long hard work. As an outcome then, ice cream and sherbets that are homemade, very light, and perfectly sweet, just enough to honor these fresh products and reveal all their flavors. Here, no crazy mix. Only ice creams and sorbets with a strong character relying on one raw ingredient, perfectly worked out.

Il Gelato del Marchese Il Gelato del Marchese Il Gelato del Marchese Il Gelato del Marchese

To improve the Il Gelato experience, the store offers their customers to enjoy these frozen delights in a homemade cone, made before their eyes! We tasted them, and we can tell you there is nothing quite like a handmade cone.

You may come empty-handed to Il Gelato del Marchese, but leave with a cone in your hand and sparkling eyes, like children!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 5 June 2020



    2 Rue de Condé
    75006 Paris 6

    Metro Odéon (ligne 4 et 10) et Mabillon (ligne 10)

    Cornet artisanal: €1.5
    Une boule: €3.5
    Deux boules : €4.8
    Trois boules: €6.5
    Sphère 250g: €12
    Cube 1 parfum 500g: €24
    Cube 2 parfums 500g: €24

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