Melba Glacier: ice creams and sorbets galore in Paris

In Paris, at Melba Glacier, ice creams and sorbets of the best ice cream makers in France await you. 48 natural flavors of your choice, including some vegan ones!

How about true ice creams from the best, natural and a large choice? We’ve found the ice cream counter that really is worth it. Since its opening in June 2016, Melba Glacier offers you ice creams and sorbets galore in its two Parisian stores: one is set in Bonne Nouvelle, the other one in Etienne Marcel.

But the really bonus at Melba Glacier is that the store chose to get helped from the best traditional ice cream makers in France to create its ice creams and sorbets! Thoroughly selected, these artisans have authenticity for a motto and only use natural ingredients with no chemical additives, nor colorant or preservatives.

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And it’s not less than 48 natural flavors that are permanently presented in the two stores, that you can enjoy in a small container or in a delicious crispy and crunchy cone! And vegans are not left out since about twenty flavors without animal material. Happiness for everyone, with no exception!

From May to September, another pleasure is yours since true soft ice creams, and we should remark their creaminess and their taste. Goodbye watery so-called soft ice creams. Here, it’s about real quality ice creams. We advise you to try the calamondin soft ice cream, an exotic fruit, quite bitter, but a house signature.

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So, will you go for the classic flavors (chocolate, pistachio, lemon) or a re you in the adventurous mood and try more original servings such as rhubarb, orange blossom, banana and even lemon-basil? If you’re still hesitating, the place offers you to taste as many flavors as you want (and it’s perfect!) so that you can make a choice.

As for us, we loved the Calisson d’Aix flavor and its intense almond taste, Chestnut and its true candied chestnut bits inside, the delicate Macha flavor, very sweet. But the must is – according to us – the Black Sesame, first because of the unexpected pleasure to get a grey ice cream in hand, but most of all for its perfectly incredible taste. Please note there’s also a chocolate sorbet available (a sorbet, not an ice cream!) with a surprising freshness.

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Seated on the lovely sunny terrace of this quiet street near the Halles neighborhood, an area full of life in Paris, we went for the milkshakes. A whole program since it’s possible to mix any flavor you want and displayed in the window, which is more than 1000 possible combinations! The result: foamy, ultra-fresh and super-light milkshakes.

So, want it in a cone, or a small container, in a cup with toppings, or in a milkshake, smoothie or on a delicious butter crepe, no matter if you eat it up on the terrace or on the go, if there’s one sure thing, it’s that the Melba ice creams and sorbets – all very generously served – expect no one but you!

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Manon C.
Last updated on 19 April 2018

Practical information


15 Rue Pierre Lescot
75001 Paris 1

Une boule: 3.30 €
Deux boules: 4.50 €
Glace italienne: 4.50 €

Recommended age
For all

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Livraison via UberEats
Seconde adresse parisienne : 31 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75002 Paris

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