K-Food Festival 2021: 30 restaurants in Paris celebrate Korean gastronomy

Published by Caroline J., Laura B. · Photos by My B. · Updated on 26 August 2021 at 15h47 · Published on 24 August 2021 at 16h52
From September 9 to 26, 2021, 30 restaurants in Paris are going festive to celebrate Korean gastronomy as part of the new K-Food Festival. On the menu, dishes cooked with south-Korean ingredients especially condiments. Enjoy!

After K-Pop, K-Food. Although South-Korean music is enjoying growing enthusiasm in France, so does South-Korean gastronomy. Therefore, 30 restaurants in Paris serving Korean food – or French food but with yearning for this cuisine – have decided to celebrate K-Food from September 9 to 26, 2021.

Fête de la K-Food 2020 Pierre SangFête de la K-Food 2020 Pierre SangFête de la K-Food 2020 Pierre SangFête de la K-Food 2020 Pierre Sang

All along K-Food 2021 festival, restaurants taking part in the event will serve exclusive dishes, especially created for the event, to make patrons discover the richness of Korean cuisine. Cooks and chefs will use typical ingredients coming from the Korean peninsula such as kimchi, yuzu, sesame oil, omija, and gochujang, as well as other condiments rather unknown in France.

Here are restaurants already announced they will be part of the K-Food Festival 2021 in Paris:

  • 750g La Table
  • The Rice Burger
  • Zango
  • Riz Riz
  • Le compositeur
  • Solstice
  • Nomad's
  • Escudella
  • Coretta
  • Terra
  • Petit Boutary
  • Joji
  • Boca
  • Blue Monkey
  • L'Antre amis
  • L'Atelier Ramey
  • Sunset
  • Riv'K
  • Le Layon
  • Tasty Trip
  • La Javelle
  • L'Epopée
  • Terra bar à vins
  • Shiso Burger

K-Food connoisseurs or curious, do not miss this event. Please note you can already book in the partnering restaurants.

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From 9 September 2021 to 26 September 2021



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