B. Bell, delicious spit-cooked food French way in République

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 10 June 2021 at 10h41
Head to the République area to discover B. Bell, the small store giving pride of place to spit-cooked food French way with super-fresh, thoroughly sourced ingredients and very original recipes!

Set a stone’s throw from the Place de la République, a small deep-blue store from where grilled meat smells come call out to passerby. Its name, B. Bell, in tribute to the most reckless French actors from the past century, Belmondo. Inside, beautiful spits turning round, grilling. It has it all to make us want to come in.

The boss, Stéphane, and his iconic good-heartedness welcomes us and explains the idea behind B. Bell: offering French-inspired food cooked on a spit. Careful, please do not speak about “kabob” here, this is not the inspiration! As for sourcing, perfect French meats, far from scaremongering reports you can see on TV sometimes.

B. BellB. BellB. BellB. Bell

This quality meat is put on the spit on site, every morning and roasted all service long; sauces are based on mostly secret recipes, homemade; and the bread is baked on site; cheeses are DPO, and vegetables come from the market, it could not be fresher. Here, the quality of products takes priority over the market, but recipes are not left out.

B. BellB. BellB. BellB. Bell

Moving on to recipes, you have the classic spit, the Tradition with suckling veal and smoked turkey, yogurt and herb sauce, salad duo, tomatoes, red onions; the Parisienne with the same two meats, honey mustard sauce, DPO Comté cheese, grilled mushrooms, salad duo, tomatoes, red onions; as well as the Broche Façon Mignon with barbecue sauce, Ostari, candied onions, salad duo, tomatoes, pickles. Original, you say?

If you love tasty poultryB. Bell also serves recipes based on delicious marinated chicken, super smooth and perfectly seasoned available in A La Basquaise with grilled bell peppers, chili peppers, and tomatoes; here Suprême style with yogurt and herb sauce, honey mustard, grilled mushrooms, salad duo, tomatoes, red onions, and cabbage.

B. BellB. BellB. BellB. Bell

And even beef fans will be happy with a nice beef and carrot spit, or even vegetarians with a spit for them only based on marinated vegetable skewers or patties. To enjoy with a hearty side of homemade and crunchy French fries!

You get it, B. Bell reinvents the art of the spit-cooked food French way without showing off. And both sides of the counter are all smiles!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 7 June 2021



    74 Rue de Turbigo
    75003 Paris 3

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