2017 Bread Festival in Paris

The Bread festival is back in Paris from Saturday 13 to Monday 22 May 2017 in front of Notre Dame. A 1,200 square-meter tent, 6 recreated bakeries, 8 ovens, about a hundred of bakers and not less than 3,000 French traditional baguettes per day are waiting for you for ten days. Have a look at the program of the 12th edition held in full heart of Paris.

Fête du Pain (Bread festival) is back for its 2017 edition and for the 22nd year in a row (and for the 12th time in front of Notre Dame). In Paris and for ten days, the festival will take place in front of Notre Dame and offer animations and discoveries for kids and gourmet grown-ups like us.

This event is the opportunity for pastry-cooks to teach grown-ups and little gourmet kids everything about bread making, pastries and other sweet treats. They will be glad to share with you their passion for their jobs, but all of them may not be called "baker" or "bakery". The craft will grab the opportunity Bread Festival is to assert their differences, promote breads made in accordance with professional standards and to mention that a good bread has its name: Pain de Tradition Française (French traditional bread).

This year the festival will respond to a theme: "Bougez avec le pain" (Move with bread). BOUlanGER, a pun which is perfect for the festival. The baker is an athlete because he wakes up at dawn to bake hundreds of baguettes which will provide you energy before you work out.

A 1,200 square-meter tent with several sharply defined areas (making, contest...), 6 recreated bakeries, 8 ovens, a hundred of male and female bakers, employees and working apprentices, over 3,000 French traditional baguettes made every day... There will be something for everyone!

La fête du Pain 2017 à Paris


Kids cooking. Every day after school, kids will come to look at and listen to the attending professionals. Then, they can make their own bread and bring it home.

Learning apprentices. Young bakers can be trained in their work. Whilst cooking, they can answer questions about their training and their calling.

Mischievous breads. All week long you can enjoy special breads for sportspersons made with ingredients as varied as bakers’ imagination (with dry or candied fruits, cereals...)! Keeping up with the new trends, bakers will also make organic bread (with specific ingredients and tools). Prepare your questions!

Baker’s boy will brew the communication! Each morning and each afternoon from the Bread Festival "Web TV" studio discussions and panel discussions will be live on the Internet, including professionals in the baking trade: bakers, millers, yeast producers, farmers, apprentices, former teachers as well as bankers, lawyers, insurers… Current events will be "sliced" and commented. Thanks to an instant printing photo booth, festival goers can choose a "Bread Festival" background and take pictures before posting it on social networks. Bread Festival is likely to go round the World!

Champions at work. Famous athletes will be attending as jury member throughout the several contests... But who? Come and see!

Flagship events:

Saturday May 13:

  • Bread festival opening ceremony in attendance of Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.
  • Regional contest for the best French traditional baguette of Paris inner suburb.
  • Revelation of the Grand Prix of the baguette of Paris winner.

Sunday May 14:

  • Regional contest of the best French traditional baguette of Paris outer suburb.

Monday May 15:

  • National contest for the best French traditional baguette.

Tuesday May 16 (feast of Saint Honoratus, patron saint of bakers):

  • National contest for the best French traditional baguette.
  • Announcement of the best PDO Charentes Poitou  butter croissant in Île-de-France prize list.

Wednesday May 17:

  • Final of the national contest for the best French traditional baguette, featuring the winners of regional contests and announcement of the results.

Thursday May 18:

  • Charity day for the “Pièces Jaunes” (small coins) campaign; two giant piggy banks will be set up.

Friday May 19:

  • European apprenticeship day; European apprentices will take over bakeries and will offer products of their countries.

Saturday May 20:

  • Showcase of world’s breads by Lesaffre company, they will be made on the spot and bakers could explain their trade secrets.

Sunday May 21:

  • Bakers mass at Notre Dame (6:30 p.m.) with the Confrérie des talmeliers du bon pain and 500 professional bakers.

So, are you up to good bread?

Practical information:
Official website: La Fête du Pain (in French)
From May 13 to May 22, 2017
Location: Notre-Dame
Free activities

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Practical information

Opening Time
From 13 May 2017 to 22 May 2017



    Cathédrale Notre-Dame
    75004 Paris 4

    commun Métro - RER :
    - Cité (4)
    - Saint Michel - Notre-Dame (B,C)
    - Hôtel de Ville (1,11)
    - Maubert-Mutualité / Cluny - La Sorbonne (10)
    - Châtelet - Les Halles (7,14,A,D)


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