Yule Log 2017 by Angelina

For the Holidays 2017, Angelina releases a light signature yule log in the shape of a Christmas bauble with notes of clementines, honey and maple syrup, proudly but delicately representing the spirit of the Holidays. To be enjoyed from December 1.

This is a creation as sweet as Christmas morning that we enjoy like a tale told by the fireside. This year, Maison Angelina set the bar very high with its signature yule log: the Bûche Boule de Noël [Christmas bauble yule log]. When we see it, it reminds us of Paris during the Holidays with its illuminations, markets, lively window displays and its winter beauty. This Christmas bauble is covered in a beautiful powder snow and shines because of touches of gold leaves reminding us of our childhood, our eyes sparkling facing such wonders. It would be heartbreaking to eat it, right?

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina

But, it would be such a shame to miss all the pleasures this creation has in store for our taste buds. This Christmas cake has everything to take us down memory lane with the family. Grandma and Grandpa recall this clementine accompanying the Christmas Eve dinner. Mama and Papa remind the dry fruits they had fun pinching during the preparations while the youngest ones melt for the vanilla touch. Angelina’s Christmas Bauble mixes textures, from the crispy one to the gooey one without forgetting the smooth and creamy ones, like the so different characters that, once brought together, create a family. The final product features harmonious flavors in the mouth reminding us of these values.

To make it to such a result, chef Christophe Appert worked twice as hard in terms of ingenuity and creativity by putting the clementine at the heart of this creation. we discover it as sweet as a touch in its mousse-like texture and impishly sour in its candied version. To this are added something smooth with a lemon-flavored cake and something strong with a crispy cake based on salt flower and honey-caramelized macadamia nuts. Something sweet with the maple syrup mousse, something gourmet with pecans. From now on, you know everything hiding under this Italian meringue looking like a snow coat immaculate but with gold leaves.

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina 
At the same time as this fascinating log, Maison Angelina continues – like every year – to make adepts happy by offering its famous Mont-Blanc but as a yule log: an emblematic creation with its meringue, light whipped cream, vermicelli chestnut cream. A flagship dessert we eat as a group.

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina 

The Bûche Chocolat Intense [Intense Chocolate yule log] is also in for the greatest pleasure of choco-addicts. It’s still as strong with its cream and light 70% dark chocolate mousse and always addictive with its Gianduja crispy cake and its hazelnut biscuit.

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina 

Finally, the very exotic Bûche Tentation Passion [Passion Temptation yule log] will bring the party to your plate and make you forget about the winter cold with its coco-passion crispy cake, its passion caramel, its mango-passion compote and its vanilla mousse balancing the whole cake. You may have understood it, this yule log has been created with passion and I’m not talking about the fruit.

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina 

And to know which of these logs will win all the votes of the family, you better go and taste them all in individual versions. This will be the occasion to try the hot chocolate “L’Africain”, a perfect blend of the strength of African cocoas and the character brought by a mix of spices: black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and Espelette pepper.

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina

Maybe will you be tempted to extend the experience by stopping at Maison Angelina delicatessen? You can then discover the take-away hot chocolate and the chestnut cream that put their Sunday’s best for the Holidays with a rain of gold decorating their tags. Even better, you can buy an Advent calendar that will help your taste buds to wait until the day of the tasting!

Les bûches de Noël 2017 de Angelina 

Practical information:
Yule Logs 2017 by Maison Angelina
Available from December 1, 2017
Maison Angelina
Christmas Bauble: €70 (for 8 persons)
Individual version: €10.5 on the spot, €9 to take away
Mont Blanc: €42 (for 4/6 persons), €69 (for 8/10 persons)
Individual version: €9.5 on the spot, €8 to take away
Intense Chocolate: €42 (for 4/6 persons), €69 (for 8/10 persons)
Individual version: €9.5 on the spot, €8 to take away
Passion Temptation: €47 (for 4/6 persons), €74 (for 8/10 persons)
Individual version: €10 on the spot, €8.5 to take away
Advent Calendar: €29 (available from November 15, 2017)


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Last updated on 2 October 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 1 December 2017 to 25 December 2017



    226 Rue de Rivoli
    75001 Paris 1

    Calendrier de l'Avent: 29 €
    Buche Chocolat Intense 8/10 personnes: 69 €
    Buche Mont Blanc 8/10 personnes: 69 €
    Buche signature 8 personnes: 70 €
    Buche Tentation Passion 8/10 personnes: 74 €

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    À partir du 1er décembre 2017

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