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Pâques 2018 Bernadré

Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by Nicolas Bernardé

Haute couture chocolate pieces… For this Easter 2018, Pastry chef Nicolas Bernardé will make children and adults’ heart melt!
Pâques 2018 Ladurée

Easter chocolates 2018 by Ladurée

Who says Easter, says chocolate creations! This year is no exception to the rule with Ladurée since the brand offers a gourmet, playful and colorful collection to be enjoyed without moderation!
Pâques 2018 Marcolini

Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by Pierre Marcolini

For Easter 2018, Maison Pierre Marcolini came up with a whole universe revolving around chocolate eggs and bunnies!
Pâques 2018 Fauchon

Easter 2018 in Paris by Fauchon

For this Easter 2018, Maison Fauchon presents its chocolate “Show Lapin” and “Lapin Coquin”.
Pâques 2018 Lenôtre

Easter chocolates 2018 by Maison Lenôtre

For Easter 2018, Maison Lenôtre invites you on a travel and presents its three chocolatey turtles that are as gourmet as cute: Calice, Chléa and Crush are to be found from March 15, 2018!
Pâques 2018 Dalloyau

Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by Dalloyau

This year, for Easter 2018, Maison Dalloyau gets inspired by superheroes’ fantastic universe. Without further ado, discover the e-gg-xcellent masked and chocolatey “HEROEUFS” by Dalloyau!
Les chocolats de Pâques de Christophe Michalak 2018, les photos

Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by Christophe Michalak

This year again, Christophe Michalak plays the diversity card and offers us several Easter chocolates 2018 collection, delighting the chocolate lovers we are. So, are you more into superheroes, fishes, rockets or Easter cake? Unless you are into all these…
Pâques 2018 Nolinski

Easter 2018 in Paris by Yann Brys for Hotel Nolinski

For Easter, there are chocolate eggs, bells and chickens. But when it comes to Yann Brys, he came up with a charming and delicious chocolate bunny for Hotel Nolinski.
Paris en mode basque, un week-end en saveurs et en musique

Paris switches to Basque mode, edition 2018

Paris switches to Basque mode from Thursday March 15 to Sunday March 18, 2018. For this gastronomic, cultural and musical event, you fell like in vacations in the Basque Country. Free animations and good deals from the Basque Country are all yours.
C.H.A.N.G. nouveau Thaï délicieux près de l'Opéra

Chang, the new Thai restaurant near Paris Opéra

It’s been four months that the Thai restaurant CHANG has set up on rue des Pyramides, not far from Paris Opéra to offer you a creative and oh-so delicious Thai cuisine…
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