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Le Printemps du Goût dévoile sa terrasse perchée

Printemps du Goût reveals its perched terrace

With sunny days coming, we rush to the 9th floor of Printemps de l’Homme to enjoy the superb view the Printemps du Goût terrace provides us.
Paris Paris : nouveau bistrot branché du 10ème arrondissement

Paris Paris: the new trendy and quality bistro in Paris 10th arrondissement

Forget about Paris Texas and have a seat in Paris Paris, the latest born of the PNY family. Still nestled in Paris 10th arrondissement, Paris Paris highlights French bistro specialties with homemade and seasonal dishes.
Sugar Paris 2018, le salon de la pâtisserie créative et décorative

Sugar Paris 2018, the creative and decorative pastry show in Paris

Sweet tooth, this is for you! The first pastry show open to all, Sugar Paris, is coming back to Paris Parc Floral on April 20-22, 2018. Pastry amateurs and professionals will discover cooking utensils, attend demonstrations and take part in classes…
Le café Pouchkine dévoile ses nouvelles douceurs printannières

Café Pouchkine reveals its spring collection

To celebrate the sunny days, Café Pouchkine releases four new sweet creations with a Russian twist. Discover these tantalizing treats!
Patchanka à Paris : l’excellent bistrot Latino du 11ème arrondissement

Patchanka in Paris: the excellent Latino bistro in Paris 11th arrondissement

When food fulfills taste buds, but it even has the boldness to make us travel, it’s a success! And this is the menu that awaits when we come at Patchanka, the new Latino and gourmet address in Paris by Argentinian Chef Gastón Stivelmaher.
Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur Papounet

Le Petit Commines: Monsieur Papounet’s bistronomic restaurant in Paris

A warm and friendly welcome, a menu on the black board, a quiz to discover which whine will accompany your meal and homemade dishes that are creative and sophisticated! Here’s what to expect when you go to restaurant Le Petit Commines, nestled in Paris 3rd arrondissement.
Jour Healthy by Nature à Bercy Village : les photos

Jour, healthy by nature, a new spot at Bercy Village

Jour, Healthy by Nature opens a new very light and new generation spot, where we can enjoy delicious healthy and seasonal products, at Bercy Village.
Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à Paris

Mon Loup: the new restaurant promoting farmers in Paris

After Ma Biche, here’s Mon Loup! The two friends and associates, Serge and Pascal, gave birth to their second gourmet address in Paris this past February 2018. On the menu? Quality and local ingredients, lovingly cooked for a guaranteed gustative and without fuss pleasure!
Pâques 2018 Nolinski

Easter 2018 in Paris by Yann Brys for Hotel Nolinski

For Easter, there are chocolate eggs, bells and chickens. But when it comes to Yann Brys, he came up with a charming and delicious chocolate bunny for Hotel Nolinski.
Les chocolats de Pâques de Christophe Michalak 2018, les photos

Easter chocolates 2018 in Paris by Christophe Michalak

This year again, Christophe Michalak plays the diversity card and offers us several Easter chocolates 2018 collection, delighting the chocolate lovers we are. So, are you more into superheroes, fishes, rockets or Easter cake? Unless you are into all these…
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